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How To Master Being Tolerant In Three Steps

First Do not ask a six year old to stop behaving like a six year old. Second Do not equate age with a proportionate amount of maturity and wisdom. Third Accept that common sense is the most rare thing to find in a human being.

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Why Bother

I have written often about motivation, and having talked to many people, especially young people, who have so many ideas, but they never actually do anything. They are called ADD or lazy or not focused. I have found the ultimate reason is the attitude of; ‘Why bother?’ ‘What is the point?’ ‘I am going to […]

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Adab Is The Single Stone On Which The Inverted Pyramid Stands

Adab is the foundation stone of developing the essence of ones being such that one can grow in an opening manner to receive ever increasing wisdom using the inverted pyramid as the analogy. As the pyramid continues to grow, it gets wider and wider until it is so wide it can encompass all things and […]

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Understanding Words, An End To Conflicts and Anger

Words are our main form of communication. Words have the greatest power to make us happy or sad, aggravated or elated. How can something that has no actual material reality have such a powerful effect over us emotionally and physically? Here is a very old thought that gives an idea of how we can release […]

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How To Know Which Emotions Are Real

If you tell someone they are stupid and insult them, different people will react differently. Some will take it personally and feel bad, others will get aggressive and reply in kind.  However, if you give anyone love and positive emotions, everyone will react the same.  There are always exceptions, but three headed twins are rare […]

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The Ultimate Mastermind Group

Religion. What better proof of the power from the combined force of large numbers of people for a single goal or purpose is there than religions. In a religion, everyone believes in one god, or Christ or idol. That works for sports, music, or movie stars equally to false teachers and big name gurus. The […]

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A Shocking And Disturbing Reality About Low Self-Esteem

People will never change if they think they are alright. This is simply logical, why put in effort to fix what is not broken. We must see and realize that it is NOT alright to accept anything and everything. To accept mediocrity and negativity negates the possibility of progress. This applies to being short changed […]

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People Love To Be Depressed And Have No Hope

It is an interesting thing I have noticed, that everyone dreams and wishes to be a certain way, free of negative emotions, free in spirt, open of heart, without pain or fear, and meet someone like that. Yet if they meet someone who possesses those qualities, they say it cannot be real, they are faking […]

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‘Emotional Containment’, The Exercise

As we discussed in the previous article, I Didn’t Mean That, ‘Emotional Containment’ here is the exercise to help with attaining this freedom. The problem is that it sounds simple, but if taken literally and applied without wisdom, it can be dangerous. The first step is in understanding that everything is and isn’t at the […]

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Gain And Loss, All Things Come And Go

There is a world of difference between running towards God and running away from the world. If you find the world empty of value, void of meaning beyond the very short and temporary life span of a human being, and this causes you to turn towards a spiritual life, leaving the material world for the […]

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