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How To Make Yourself The Object Of Desire, Both For Work & Relationships 

It all begins with your attitude, however attitude is not necessarily what you think it is, so please read on. You must of course believe that you have something of quality to offer, something of value that you can provide to the work or person you desire to be with. This is not always something […]

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The Nine Principles Of Success Video Series

Steps Four to Six of The Nine Principles Of Success video series are now on line. Please visit the videos page, Beyond Success section to view them. The remainder of the series will be posted next week.

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New Videos Posted, The Nine Principles Of Success

We have posted steps One to Three of The Nine Principles Of Success video series. Please visit the videos page, Beyond Success section. The remainder of the series will be posted in the coming weeks.

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Life Is Like A Game Of Chess

There are many good hearted people who just cannot seem to get ahead in life. Every time they are saving some money or moving forward, someone comes along who needs help and being soft hearted, they drain their savings to help out. Sadly the people they help are in perpetual need, and so they perpetually […]

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To Hear The Real Meaning, Listen With Your Senses

We listen with intellect, interpreting words and identifying their meaning in the dictionary of our personal vocabulary. Deeper emotions and hidden meanings in spiritual matters must be felt, sensed in your body. Knowledge cannot always be conveyed in words. We must feel a sensation in our body induced by hearing the story or words. This […]

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Everything Works In A Pattern

Everything in the universe works in some pattern. Everything has a logic and pattern of its own. The trick is to find the pattern of what you are studying. This could be so different than anything you can logically perceive, which makes it very difficult to find. If you can remove your opinion of what […]

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The Pendulum Of Your Life

Here is a principle from the Kybalion that will help you change the direction of your life and find happiness. When the momentum of the swing of the pendulum in one direction runs out, it eventually swings the other way. The concept is like tossing a ball in the air, at one point, it stands […]

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Why We Do Not Pay Attention, And How To

The cause of many mistakes and arguments is due to a lack of attention to instructions, or the conversation. This is a frustrating problem because most people are reasonably intelligent and can focus or appear to focus on a conversation well enough, yet too many vital bits of information are often missed causing a lot […]

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How To Take Passive Action

I can tell you your block of finding happiness, but you will not understand. This is normal, and why it is the greatest stumbling block for a seeker of truth. Truth of the Universe and truth of oneself. It is that you do not understand what there is to learn, and yet you think you […]

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Spiritual View Of Passion, Its Safety Or Danger

From a spiritual point of view, in order to achieve personal growth, you must have a passionate desire for enlightenment that is completely selfless. If your passion has anything to do with you, then certainly you can succeed in your goals, but there will be negative effects from having desires. For the goal to be […]

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