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How To Love Yourself

You cannot make yourself love yourself just as you cannot make yourself love another person. Loving yourself is a result, rather than a cause, of a changed personality. When you have rid yourself of qualities that you dislike or are no longer limited by fears and inhibitions, or you just happen to have a a […]

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Work For The Sake Of The Work

In my business career as well as with with my clients and students, I have developed a firm belief that our business success is 10% skill and 90% who we are, the quality of our character. This is exemplified by Richard Branson, a man with little education but now a billionaire with over 200 companies. […]

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Spiritual Growth And Logic

There are many people who are drawing large numbers of followers through their social network, propagating that the world is changing and that the ‘energies’ are now different as humanity enters a realm of heightened awareness. They claim that this new period has changed the process of spiritual development such that a person can skip […]

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Where Have All The People Gone?

I wonder…when something new is opened or discovered and there is so much activity, people say how wonderful and helpful it is, are they lying? or just wrong. For the purposes of this discussion, I am not speaking of a new restaurant, rather this is about something that is of benefit to you and your […]

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What Is Your True Path In Life

The first thing is to really understand, not just intellectually, but to sincerely finally understand and accept is that there is no one specific God given special path for anyone. We each have some abilities, either natural talents or developed and learnt ones, that can be used in a variety of paths to make like […]

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What Really Bothers You

This is an exercise which I suggest doing for one month or longer. I would really appreciate hearing your results since it is a matter of great interest and a worthy study. Finding the true root cause of anything is the method to eliminate even subtle negative thoughts. The exercise is quite simple, for anything […]

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I Have a Dream

It is a common dream, many people have it, but I have achieved it for many years on a small scale. I would now like to make my dream grow. I have built and had a successful school of this nature in Colorado, but I left that country and now live in New Zealand where […]

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The Importance of the Quality of Your Character; How to Achieve the Balance Required for Spiritual Growth

Spiritual growth relies, in my opinion after decades of self work and study along with meeting many remarkable and unremarkable people, on the cultivation of your morals, personality and character. A strong character with correct standards and morals is the first prerequisite step a normal person must take towards spiritual growth to attain bliss and […]

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Do You Take Things Too Literally? This Prevents Learning.

Do You Take Things Too Literally Spiritual seekers and budding entrepreneurs alike are faced with a terrible dilemma, knowing the true meaning of what is really being said. Be it a conversation or reading an inspirational or apparently humorous story, knowing the real meaning determines the value gained and the outcome. If you try to […]

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How To Improve Your Business

The successful entrepreneur operates with the individuality of each client in mind. These are a few points that make the difference between the average entrepreneur and one who’s business excels. There are certain qualities of character which are described in another writing which complements this discussion. For now, let us start with examining some experiences […]

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