The Comfort In Discomfort

If you feel totally comfortable in your life, then something is wrong because it is not possible to feel perfectly and totally comfortable. The reason is simply that perfect comfort is a state that you would never leave or change and that means we stop moving, thus is it contrary to nature and nothing totally contrary to nature exists, at least not for long.

Nothing stands still. everything either moves forward or backward.

For this reason, there must always be some discomfort in our life so that we continue to move forward.

We can be comfortable in discomfort knowing that discomfort is a force of forward movement.

Thus there is comfort in discomfort and so you can be perfectly comfortable in life.

Seeing that you are not comfortable is a good thing because it means you are honest and objective about yourself.

Since it is impossible to be perfectly comfortable, anyone who thinks they are is therefore asleep or lying to themselves.

Self-lying is the worst thing we can do because we refuse to see where we are and thus living in that lie, we do not move forward, because we think we already are moving.

We lie to ourselves so that we will not feel the pain of discomfort, and so we convince ourselves we are happy, which takes lots of distractions. The iPhone and other immensely popular innovations are so successful for exactly this reason, they keep one occupied and distracted from any inner feelings of pain.

Instead of distracting yourself for the rest of your life, find the benefits and comfort in the pain and work to resolve it rather than ignore it. You will find a very different quality and experience of life.

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