The Human Heart Cannot Be Empty

Our heart must have something to love or care about, that is just part of being human.

If we do not have anyone to love, we will look for someone or something, a pet or good cause, so there is something for our heart to feed on.

This is the cause and danger of relationships that go bad. People come together out of need to feed the heart and when hungry enough may settle for less than the best food they deserve or need and imagine it will feel better than it really will, even if they know it.

That does not mean the person is bad, rather, just not right for you.

We need to know how to fast and hold on so we do not fill our hearts with disappointments. The more disappointments we have, the more closed and hopeless our heart becomes, and then the harder it is to find a good match.

This is why people pick relationships that did not work out, even though we knew from the start it would not. We need to understand our human self in order to find our True self.

There is a Sufi saying, ‘If you know your ego self, you will know God.  That means know your personality weaknesses and you will know your true soul.

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