Commitment, The Key To Success And How To Experience Life Fully

Law of Attraction – Achieve Goals series

Making a clear and definite commitment is the secret key to making the Universe deliver your goal mentioned in the book Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill and the Movie not long ago released called The Secret.

The Secret movie is very popular all over the world now, and it is interesting that the book, Think and Grow Rich has maintained such a powerful force for now 80 years since it was written. If a book can still have the power to stay alive in the worlds mind, and inspire movies to be made about it, then it must have some truth in it most definitely. I have worked with Think and Grow Rich for many years myself and with my students, and it truly does have some very real spiritual truths and applies them very well to the world.

The simple decision to achieve your goal, making your plans, following all the instructions you have read and heard is not enough. A decision and belief is not a commitment, it can take you only so far, but not always to completion. Here is where you have been set up to fail by the false teachers and success plan sellers.

Failure brings discouragement. Discouragement destroys the ability to commit.

It is easy to think and talk and draw pictures and make plans and have hopes and dreams and desires, but that is not a commitment, it is only being involved in planning about your goals. Involved is not enough.

When people do not make a full sincere commitment, they are only involved as long as things go well. With no commitment, they can change their mind at any time, and as soon as things get the slightest bit tough, they do change their mind and give up their goals and dreams.

Quality of your Character

The strength of a commitment indicates the level of integrity of character. Integrity is fast becoming extinct, and with it, the entire magical infinitely powerful principle of commitment is also disappearing. When there is no more commitment in the world, society will completely fall into chaos.

Certainly there are some people who can make a true commitment, but they are rare. I can illustrate true commitment in this example I heard in America. To make a meal of bacon and eggs (they love that for breakfast), the chicken was only involved, but the pig was truly committed.

A true commitment means that you will hold to it with your life, and you are willing to die in its achievement. Certainly you need not die to achieve your goals, but are you that committed? This is the key to success of the great achievers in history.

If you do not make a commitment about yourself, your life, your direction, your daily activities and of course your goal, then nothing can happen other than by chance. Without a firm commitment, you hold your life in a state of limbo, and the universe is not encouraged to start moving forward with you and delivering what you need to achieve your goals. If you want me to work with you on a five year project for example, why would I want to do that if you are only involved. You may change your mind at any time and give up and then I have wasted my time.

The Universe is not fool enough to trust just anyone. It tests you first to check the level of your commitment by giving you some obstacles. Depending on your persistence, or lack of, the Universe determines if you are worthy of It putting in the effort to help you in your path.

Conditional Goals

Another aspect of a true commitment is that there are no conditions. If you say you are committed to something, but you want it to be a certain way, ‘I am committed to making a million dollars a year, but I do not want to work more than 2 hours a week, and I want it to be a nice job where I have lots of prestige and people admire me’, then you are not truly committed to your goal. True commitment is when your goal is unconditional, that is what you want without conditions, rules, restrictions, types, colour, sizes. That is true commitment to a goal. You want that thing or state of being above all else and you are willing to give or do anything to get it. If there are any strings attached then you are not committed. You see, you must be clear what your goal actually is.

A goal is a single point, meaning that there are no additional conditions. A million dollars is a million dollars. It matters not if it be in $10.00 bills or a single bank transfer. To have inner peace is to be peaceful. That has nothing to do with being in a big house or little one, in a city or forest, rich or poor, single or married. If your goal is inner peace, then that is it, with or without anything else since nothing else will matter if you have that peace. If you think you need other conditions to be met to achieve your goal, then you do not know what your goal really is, and you will be easily distracted. Be content with anything that comes with your goal as long as you achieve it. That is true commitment to a goal. And of course, the caution is to be careful for what you ask, you may just get it. So what is your goal really?

People would call you crazy if you showed you are that devoted to a goal that you would make such a commitment, and this is why commitment is becoming more and more rare. Are you committed enough that you would give up your money, your home, your possessions, your job, everything, just to get your goal if that be necessary?

Your commitment to anything is just like the purpose of signing a contract. That signature is the conclusion of negotiations which allows the other party to deliver in confidence knowing that the decisions will not change and they will receive their part of the agreement.

Anything short of a true commitment means that things can change and that breeds doubt and fear. Unfortunately these days, even a signature on a contract does not mean they are committed, never mind their word which is really just like passing air. But we are not talking about dealing with people, we are talking about an agreement with the Universe, who never goes back on Its word. On the other hand, the Universe is not so sure about you.

The world today, socially speaking, has lost any value and security. Commitments are made and broken as a natural course of affairs. With this daily disappointment, the definition and meaning of a commitment has changed in your mind. You only think you understanding what a commitment means, but as you make your promise, you also know that you can find a way out if you really want to.

That is not a commitment. Commitment means that there is no way out, and even if there is, you will not look for it or if presented you will not take it. You are committed to your goal even if it takes every last thing you own and even your own life.

Universal Support

That commitment gets the support of the Universe to deliver your goal. Mr. Napoleon Hill wrote a book after the 1929 Great Depression called ‘Think and Grown Rich”. This book is actually a mystically inspired book. Certainly the style and stories are suitable to the time and place it was written, but it gives a clear picture of how this world functions both in the material and spiritual realms. But only if you can find the missing secret that the author talks about. Like all mystical literature, the secret is explained but not clearly spelt out.

The Secret Key

Today, people are so lost that there is no chance to discover the secret on their own, and so I am now telling you the secret key. I have experimented with hundreds of students to test this by making them read and even going through that book with them, but not one has discovered the secret on their own because it is too simple. Even when they accidentally applied it successfully, they still did not realise what it was their sincere and definite commitment which brought success.

Money is what everyone wants, if you admit it or not, you want it. Maybe you do not want money itself, but you want to eat, to have a home to live, you want clothing, yes? If you want that, you want money. This is the reason that the secret of finding enlightenment has been hidden in a book about making money. But so called spiritual people disdain money, they think it is not spiritual and so they do not look in all places to find the secrets to enlightenment. They are not committed, they are only involved in their search for truth and how to achieve their goals. They only look for truth in places they think are right and do not look in places they think are wrong. They are very closed minded and that itself prohibits enlightenment, therefore, they find lies.

Commitment is this. When I was younger, I was committed to finding God. It was said that fasting was a method to find God, so I decided to fast until I found God or died, whichever came first. It took some weeks of living only on some water, but I found what I sought. I was committed. Please do not try this yourself. You are a westerner, you are not meant to live like this, you have a busy life and do not live in the right place and conditions. There are other things you can do, but first you must learn what commitment really means. If you do not fully understand the principle of commitment, you will either starve and die, or just waste your time and start eating again. If you do understand true commitment, something more suitable to your life will suffice. We can talk about what is right for each of you another time, everyone is different, you must ask.

If you try all the methods of success both materially and spiritually that are lacking in essential truth, you may be committed to an insane asylum before you learn how to be committed to your goal. Then you will be drugged and locked away maybe for the rest of your life by people committed to helping you.

I will be continuing this subject in another discussion shortly.

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  1. salim Hammiche March 9, 2010 at 5:22 pm #

    hi David ;
    first of all i want to thank you for “All is mind” e-book, it really changed the way i see things or more likely the way i “interpret” what i’m seeing.

    i am from Algeria ( northe africa ) and i am muslim. and i believe in destiny …our prophets Mohamed -mpbuh- said : “wisdom is msulim’s guide , where ever he finds it he has to accept it” and your writings are my best wisdom source.

    i really enjoyed the “commitment” lines.

    take care david
    and once again Thanks alot for being who you are .


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