The Law Of Nature Is The Law Of God

We can speak of God and Spirit and all the religions and teachings attributed to God on how we should live. The problem is that all the religious teachings have to be interpreted and there are so many interpretations that the interpreters themselves argue with each other over the true meaning. This article is meant to give you some food for thought on self reflection as to the quality of you as a human being.

We cannot talk to God directly, priests and other religious leaders are very quick to remind us of that to keep their position of power as intermediary. This makes me very concerned about the quality of the translation being delivered.

One thing any religious person cannot argue with is that God made nature, and thus God must have also made the laws of nature. The laws of nature are very clear and indisputable. Therefore, we will find the true will and desire, i.e. laws of God, in the laws of nature. Total purity and simplicity, and very clear without any doubts at all as to intentions and meanings. This is my version of the science of religion, it is the science of nature.

The most powerful law of nature is; ‘Survival of the fittest’. This makes for a strong and healthy plant or animal species which leads to evolution rather than devolution. It is not hard to see that humanity is going down the toilet very quickly as we do not follow these laws. One very interesting fact is that you can walk in front of a man-eating lion, and even sit right beside it without any danger at all, as long as it has just eaten. Animals only kill when necessary, they do not waste food that they will need later on.

Just look at the food court in any modern shopping mall. The way people eat and the amount of rubbish and wasted food they leave behind. From nature’s point of view, compare that to the time before plastic was invented and then reconsider if you are fit to survive in nature, in the sense of keeping the planet going and healthy. Are humans in general abiding by the law of survival of the fittest, or are we killing for pleasure. Killing needlessly is wasteful. How wasteful are you with everything in your day to day life?

Unfortunately humans spend a lot of time attempting to reform the rapist and murderer, spending hundreds of thousands of dollars, paid for by the victims of these criminals, to help and reform them. 98% of the time, when released, they go straight back to where they were. Case in point is the man who was caught in New Zealand having sex with a 14 year old. He was already under 24 hour surveillance for having previously been caught having sex with a four year old. They caught him in bed with her after they had sex. So much for their quality of 24 hour surveillance.

Had they cut off his member the first time, the 14 year old would have been saved, and those are the only ones the newspaper talked about. How many other poor children did this villain harm.

In my life, I was shot at by a man who was robbing a bank as I entered, then did my part to catch him. Needless to say he was upset when I guided the police to him as he was making his getaway, who subsequently shot him after he got a couple of shots off at me and the cops. The Officer told me not to worry about this guy, he was just released from jail 2 days ago and has spent most of his life inside. So much for reforming him. Is the world worse off for his departure?

On to a more realistic, day to day events which are relevant to most anyone. If there is someone you meet or know and they are in a bad way, you should determine how long they have been that way, what are they doing to change, have they become better or worse over the past years, and then decide if they are worthy of your time and energy. Are they animals who kill for pleasure, sucking your very life force, or money, from you, leaving you drained?

Sadly, and this may be close to impossible for most people to accept, this applies to everyone; strangers, friends, and even family alike.

Most people will say I am cold, heartless and many other less polite words, but I am a realist. I live with the Laws of God that are clear and in no need of interpretation through priests who just like to keep the power in their hands. The law of nature is the law of God. This is the way of Japanese Zen, living in nature according to the laws of nature. When one is old and destructive, we cannot do anything to save it, nor is that wise, as nature has deemed it should die off for the sake of all that can live a better life.

Survival of the fittest does not mean you are stuck with your current state, unless you accept it. You have a choice, you can make yourself fit to survive.

If you want to know how to live, what God wants you to do, then just look at nature. As all things adapt to the changing seasons, we adapt to the different moods of people, and we survive without being attacked, damaged or destroyed. When age overcomes one we love, we accept it without pain, knowing that they have lived their term, no mater how many years that may be, and nature calls them to move on for its own reasons.

As our fortunes and success comes and goes, know that this is the way of life, all things grow, thrive, then decay and return to their beginning. The seeds fall on rich soil which came from the decaying trees, perhaps the very trees which dropped the seeds.

When we know that the Law of God is the Law of Nature, and we learn to accept and understand these laws, which is easy to do as they are so simple, then all the ups and downs, attacks and gifts, pains and joys, can all be taken with a mind that is at rest knowing that this is the way it all must be, even if we do not understand why.

Then, being so aware, when a seed does fall on concrete, we may brush it into the soil and give it a little water, until it can take care of itself. Then let the Law of Nature determine if it is fit to thrive on its own.

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3 Responses to The Law Of Nature Is The Law Of God

  1. Lance October 5, 2011 at 3:52 pm #

    I wish to respond in a positive personal opinion, as I do my best not to accuse, blame or judge others, thus if this response is of such, I simply ask for forgiveness as that was not the intention of this note.

    I agree the laws of nature are clear and undisputable. And perhaps we do kill for pleasure, and destroy much of what sustains life that we need to survive with, but we so called humans, I prefer ‘earthlings’, we have simply forgotten who and what we truly are and can be, right from birth we are programmed and conditioned to think and act a certain way, without questioning, such actions. We only have ourselves to blame for this, and as a result we are all pretty much ignorant to life, love, peace and compassion, simply because we were taught that we want things, and to get what we want means to conquer and destroy, usually.
    As far as the actions from those that harm us, again we do things for we not know better, thus does it all come down to simple forgiveness to all, all of the time. For me everyone is worthy of time from me and yes sometimes I choose to walk away, only because I wish not to argue or change another’s opinion. So for me personally, if I can always forgive both myself and other’s for no one is perfect and for the most part, due to being ignorant, we not know better, I find it easier not to blame, accuse or judge my brother’s and sister’s, but to give them forgiveness. I love you, brother…thanks for the thoughts.
    ~ peaceful

    • David Samuel October 5, 2011 at 4:01 pm #

      Thank you for your comment, it was wary well said and I cannot see how anyone could take it negatively, I certainly did not.
      I agree with your views, give them forgiveness, and i note that you do not say to give them more, so we seem to be in agreement. I also agree, it is just how we are, and the reason we stay how we are is because we do not know better.
      I hope with my articles that people will learn of alternate possibilities of how a person can live and thus change for the better.
      So here is hoping that people wake up and make a change by taking control of their thoughts, feelings and opinions, and thus change the way they treat others to one with love and compassion, which sometimes means giving the child a little smack on the bum so the idea of not running into the road without looking gets firmly implanted until they understand how to think for themselves in a world that is filled with dangers, the worst of which is accepting what we are told without thinking for ourselves.
      Thank you for your comment, and I wish more people spoke their thoughts as you did.

  2. Andy October 30, 2011 at 5:54 pm #

    Thanks for your comment Lance – you have helped me now to understand this better.

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