The Many Prisons Of Life

Many prisons trap us, the first is the most obvious, poverty. Poverty obviously limits your capacities of freedom to do what you want, to buy what you need, and of course to have the freedom to spend your time as you want instead of having to work all the time to pay the bills while you are stuck living hand to mouth.

Then there is the opposite side, which is also a prison, worldly success. The person with a good career. The bigger and better your position and the more successful you are, the more of a prison your success becomes.

Along with having the properties, cars and other possessions, you are obliged to upkeep them with insurances, maintenance and other ongoing costs, and thus must work harder.

Perhaps you have more than enough money, but the better your skills, the more in demand you are, the less time or freedom you have, and cannot even enjoy a holiday or even a good night sleep or a weekend in peace because you know you have so many people waiting for you.

There are many prisons in our world, and ironically, the people who think they are free have the most prisons.

The most powerful of all prisons is our emotions, fixed opinions and desires. We limit our life by our own beliefs and fears which prevent us from making the necessary changes in our outer life to change the quality of our inner life.  Outer being what we do in the world, work, etc, and inner life being our emotions and how we relate to our friends, family and if you are interested, spiritual side of life.

Perhaps it is time to reevaluate your life, weigh the benefit vs cost of your career, or how much money you really need, what other things are really necessary and if sacrificing your life to get them is worth it. There is no great achievement of being the richest young person in the cemetery.

Being free is far better than living in an ivory prison. If your wealth and career takes your life away, meaning you work day and night and weekends, then what is the point? Yes, we all need a purpose, something to do to keep active, involved, intellectually stimulated, but at the same time, is your work some form of drug you are addicted to?

Money and prestige from a career is the greatest of addictive drugs, reconsider if you need rehab before you wake up too old to do anything about it.

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