The Pendulum Of Your Life

Here is a principle from the Kybalion that will help you change the direction of your life and find happiness.

When the momentum of the swing of the pendulum in one direction runs out, it eventually swings the other way.

The concept is like tossing a ball in the air, at one point, it stands still, and then starts to fall.

When will your momentum on being a failure run out?  When it does, your life will naturally start to swing in the opposite direction, i.e. success. A word of warning, this goes both ways, it could equally swing to failure from success if you get negative. It is all up to how you use your mind.

The momentum is not just on its own, you are pushing the ball as well, so it is up to you to stop feeding the force of the momentum towards failure so that the remainder of the energy already pushing it runs out and you can begin the swing to success.

The swing from one end of the pendulum to the other is not fixed in time, meaning it may only swing once to each side over the course of an entire life, and, the swing to each side is not necessary equal in time. It may swing to one side for 10 years and to the other for 40 years, it all depends on the momentum and if that force is continued or the force stops, letting the momentum die off.

Momentum is thought. The more you think of a certain thing, the more the momentum is maintained or encouraged.

If you continue to say; ‘I see my self-deceit or my self-destructive thoughts’ in a way that you are encouraging them by continued thought about them, acknowledging and thus giving them more energy, then you increase the momentum in that direction.

However, if you acknowledge them like a few passing white fluffy clouds, you see it but there is nothing more in your thought about it other than that you see it, it will pass away.

You can glance at someone and nothing will happen, or you can stare at them and create a response. That stare creates momentum as you swing the pendulum of attention to that person who eventually returns the swing with a response. You do not know what the response will be, interest or attack, it all depends on the person you stare at and how they take it. A pretty girl may feel attracted if you are Brad Pitt, or she may become fearful and scream for the police if you look like a rapist.

“If I think a thing long enough, I shall surely become that way.”  M.K. Gandhi

When you stop believing or thinking about how your life is, it will stop being that way. The ether, the medium in which thought travels, is neutral to good or bad, it is like the concept of the Tao. It does not have a concern of good or bad because it lives outside the realm of good and bad and just deals with all things as they are. This is of course what Buddha taught, to see everything “As It Is.”

This force which the momentum of the swing of the pendulum of your life is swinging in, will let it swing based on the momentum of your thoughts. If you think your life a failure, then it swings in that way, if you think your life a success, then it swings in that way, and if you stop thinking, it will swing in the reverse direction as the momentum pushing it ceases.

I must make a caveat to this concept that all you have to do is think very clearly. We are speaking of your real thoughts. Simply repeating positive words alone while your inner thoughts are negative is going to make it swing in the negative way. It is easy to lie to yourself, but impossible to lie to the forces of nature.

The Kybalion teaches the Seven Laws of The Universe and that we can never change these laws. The point of the teaching is that by learning how to work with all the laws, you can use one against the other in a way to overcome its effects on your life. May this article be a first taste of a very powerful teaching for you to explore.

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