The Power Of Faith

Faith is the secret ingredient, that magic key that gives us the power to accomplish all things.

Faith gives us the power to do the things we think are impossible or would kill us yet faith gives us the strength to do those things and survive and succeed and prove we are stronger and better than we thought we are, which gives us more strength to increase our Being in other harder more beneficial ways as we go through life.

Faith gives us the power to accomplish anything in life, and the life beyond in the spiritual sense if that is your desire.
Faith is that which keeps us going when everything else is lost and we have no strength to continue.
Faith gave the strength to the Jews in the nazi concentration camps to survive, faith that they would eventually be released and be back with their families.
The power of Faith as the strongest driving and empowering force a human being can have is indisputable.

Pure devotion and love create Faith. Pure devotion and Love is what builds faith within us and so if we have faith by having love and devotion to someone, be it God or a guide, then we will have faith that we will succeed and change anything within ourself.

Ultimately only we can change ourselves, but we need the faith that gives us the strength to make that change and that comes with pure faith that we are following a guide who can bring us to that change. On our own, as everyone knows, deep change is not possible, or only for the Buddhas because normal humans simply do not have that much faith in themselves.

To destroy love, devotion and faith in yourself, or worse, in someone else, is to waste that single most powerful force a human being can have to achieve greatness in their life. To destroy that Faith is perhaps the most cruel thing anyone can do, it effectively kills us through killing the power to DO.

It may take 10 or 20 years to see the changes in ourself after we faced something we thought would destroy us for enduring, Faith will carry us through and in 10 or 20 years we will look back and see with the eyes of maturity and experience that that was not so purely bad and did bring great benefits we did not see at the time.

As the sick man went to the doctor who gave him a glass of water to drink and sent him home, grumbling that the doctor was an idiot and knows nothing, then a few days later when the man was cured, he realized that must have been more than simple water after all.

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