The Ultimate Mastermind Group

Religion. What better proof of the power from the combined force of large numbers of people for a single goal or purpose is there than religions.

In a religion, everyone believes in one god, or Christ or idol. That works for sports, music, or movie stars equally to false teachers and big name gurus. The particular object or person of focus makes no difference to the power of a group.

The large success is based on large numbers of people all focused on one single goal or person or concept. It does not matter if God is real or not if that is what draws people together. The only difference is time. Christianity has a 2,000 year head start over Julia Roberts.

The power of god is not that god is powerful, but the power of all the followers of that god combined is where the power of religion lies. That power, focused and directed by one Pope or priest is the real key to making thousands of people go to war and kill innocent aborigines for no good reason at all.

We can see religion is a tremendous powerful moving force, testified by the Americas discovered and conquered by explorers funded by the church, or events like the Spanish Inquisition.
The nazis had hitler as their god, all their focus was on that one little man, but look at the horrors that can be committed when enough energy is focused.

I am not trying to harp on negative events to be negative, but rather to show the power of the mastermind principle along with its neutrality, thus its danger.

On the positive side, enough engineers and technicians put their minds together and humans walked around and drove their little dune buggy on the moon and played with their remote controlled cars on mars. There is no difference to the purpose of the group, all that matters is that a very large number of people focus their energy on one goal that is not themselves.

The energy does not discern good from evil, it is power, like electricity and it can light and heat your home, or shock you to death. That energy unlocks the creative capacities that give us simple humans the ability to create and invent amazing machines or plans for change.

Think about this the next time you are in a group and think that the person on stage has great power or is talking to God, and that because you feel the energy, it is coming from that person on stage. It is not. The power you feel is the power of the mastermind principle.

All you have to do to be massively successful is find the way to get a big enough group of people to think you are wonderful and that they should support whatever you want to do, then you to can control the power that will grow and grow until something happens to break up their focus and have the group disperse.

It is that simple to build a company or anything at all, just get enough people to devote themselves to one goal, and that guarantees all the members will touch that great universal power of infinite intelligence which gives solutions to all problems.

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