Understanding Destiny And How It Works

If it’s meant to be, it will be. That is the premise behind destiny. Many people either believe, or would like to believe in destiny, but it usually turns out to be an excuse for your mistakes or to avoid making decisions and taking action.

What is destiny? The idea that your whole life is planned or controlled in some way, and that those things in the big plan for your life are going to happen. We are taught that we should let things happen, that if it is our destiny it will work out.

How well is that going for you? Is everything working out perfectly well in your life? Or, do you find that you wanted many things, and sometimes it actually looks like you found or are getting what you want, only to have it taken away or missed out?

What exactly do you expect destiny to do? Tie your bib around your neck and spoon feed you?

To live with the concept that everything is going to work out if it is your destiny is an avoidance of responsibility. It is a great excuse to just let life flow by without you putting in any effort, and then if things do not work out, you can just say it was not your destiny rather than accept responsibility. You also have someone to blame for anything that goes wrong in your life; “Why do I have such bad luck, Destiny must hate me.”

Religions teach that humans differ from animals because we have freedom of choice. Science would agree, humans are not ruled by instinct like other animals who are really quite limited in their life experiences by their animal nature.

Destiny is a spiritual concept, it implies that there is something guiding our individual lives which is more powerful than the material world. Therefore we must ask; why would we be given freedom of choice if we were just to allow destiny to make everything happen?

I have had so many miraculous situations happen in my life, destiny, that I did not act on and they passed me by, never to return. Reflecting on some of those missed opportunities, I can see clearly how my life would be totally different than it is now, had I taken action rather than be patient and let destiny play out.

In some cases I was being greedy and wanting more before I cashed out, and in others I was just avoiding taking action because I had some fear or hesitancy. I would like you to reflect on all the events in your life which looked like something great was coming and you just let it play out attributing the outcome to destiny, only to have it fade away. Then of course, you probably just accepted that it was not your destiny.

This is tantamount to saying that destiny is a cruel teaser, a rather nasty being with a twisted sense of humour that loves to dangle your dreams in front of your face, then pull them away.

Destiny is simply this, in an analogy. $100 bill falls from the sky and lands on the ground at your feet. You can wait for destiny to blow it up into your pocket so you know it is meant for you, or you can bend down to the ground and pick it up yourself before another gust of wind blows it away. Or, you can stand there doing nothing and wait to see if anyone else comes along and picks it up, and walks away with your destiny.

Destiny may bring you what you want or is good for you, but if you are not quick and proactive to take action and grab it, don’t blame destiny for anything that happens, or does not happen in your life.

Take full responsibility and have the courage to overcome your fears and ego, move on that $100 bill blowing in the wind before it blows too far away to grab, and you may find that your destiny improves significantly, along with the new future chain of events that this one event starts.

Destiny is an event at a crossroads. Depending on what you do, something or nothing, determines what road you go down. One is a beautiful journey, the other may be a barren desert. Even $1 on the ground could be just enough to buy the winning lottery ticket. Imagine how your life will change just because you picked up that $1 on the ground.

It’s not just the event, it’s the chain of events that follow for the rest of your life which will be different because of how you acted on that one event. And this is why it is so crucial to understand what destiny really is and how to work with it.

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