Using the Law Of Rhythm, Habits and Melody for Spiritual Growth and Mental Focus.

Law of Attraction – Spiritual Growth Series

The Law of Rhythm is basically indicating an expression of habits.  A habit is something you do consistently, therefore it has a rhythmic movement to it.

The Law of Rhythm shows you your habits and those of society and the planet.  For instance the planet is in the habit of going from season to season, that is the rhythm of nature.

Words are merely trying to convey the concepts for you to achieve a realisation of the principle behind the outward actions.   Please take these words very precisely and loosely at the same time knowing they are trying to create a picture for you to grasp what cannot be expressed in words.

The law of rhythm is an expression of habits.  Habits are expressed within rhythms.  Habits are limiting.  Even if they are beneficial, they limit you to within the confines of that habit similarly with the rhythm you are limited to the reach of the swing of the pendulum.  We are trying to go beyond those limitations even if they are benefits, we are interested in improving our capacity for yet greater benefits.

Applying rhythm in the musical sense, melody is also rhythm. To establish the power that melody has to form our habits, you will notice that often a song plays around in your head and you cannot stop it.  This shows how we can get in the habit of a melody and cannot break out of it.

The danger is when we do any spiritual or personal growth practice using music, it may turn into an automatic mechanical process and destroy any potential it had for your spiritual growth.

The Sufi Zhikr for instance is a good example.  The modern so called Sufis play what they call Sufi music which has nothing to do with the original intention of what the Sufi practice is, this is applied to Zhikr which is the remembrance of God.  Zhikr is the practice of repeating certain words to inundate your mind with the thought of God at all times.

Zhikr is to be practiced constantly on your own, much like a mantra, or in a group, known as Sama.   In the group, music is often played to set the rhythm so that rhythm then sets into your mind a habit so it stays in your mind much deeper and more rooted than if it was just the words.  There are other, more profound reasons that music is used in Zhikr, but here we are examining the benefits and danger of music in practice.

This is an advantage of applying music or melody to spiritual practice, however the downside of using music in this way is that it may become so automatic  as a habit that it is done without conscious awareness and therefore defeats the purpose of the practice which is to make you fully conscious and present at all times.

The danger is that you can  be mislead to believe that you are doing a worthwhile exercise which becomes an unconscious habit and loses its potential to help.  As all things have a benefit and a danger, the practice of a melodical addition to any practice you want to make a habit is good to know.

You can use this principle of adding a melody and rhythm to secure and anchor a thought or word into your mind at all times if you are following the concepts of Napoleon Hill and creating a magnetic centre towards a particular goal.

Repeating words without emotion will not build a strong magnetic centre and attract your goal as the Law Of Attraction teaches.  Emotion is the rocket fuel that gives simple words intense power.  Often music can create that emotional aspect to simple words.

Of course you have to find some music that does not have lyrics already.  I love a short piece called   ‘Carol Of The Bells”   It is very uplifting, energetic and does not have lyrics.  This is exactly what you need to make your goal statement or short mantra more powerful and take a life of its own in your mind.

The more often you repeat your goal statement, the more powerful it becomes, if emotion is involved.  Find a piece of music that relates to your goal, play the music as you repeat your goal out load so you hear the words and music together.  This will give that music those lyrics and it will pop into your head when you have forgotten to think about it deliberately.

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