What makes David different is that he offers clear and relevant answers to questions and problems from the perspective of what is best for the person asking the question and not based on his personal opinion of what is right for him.

What we offer is a state of emotional independence in which you will never get emotional, upset, insulted or angry at anything anyone says. Total emotional independence. I do not promise enlightenment or spiritual development, but one thing is certain, if you do not have stoicism and emotional freedom, you will forever be emotionally manipulated, delicate or insulted and, you will never achieve enlightenment or any significant spiritual growth either.

Live Webinar with KCLau.com

“How to Achieve Emotional and Mental Balance for Financial Success”

David will be presenting on a live webinar April 29 and part 2 on May 6  with KCLau, Malaysia's No.1 Online financial educator. You are invited to join in live, or register to be able to listen to the recording at a later date. http://kclau.com/webinar/emotional-mental-balance/

Here you will find hundreds of free articles on many subjects including Business, Relationships, Mystical Philosophies, Personality Development, Emotional Balance, Anger Management and Spiritual Growth.

David, a Behavioural psychology expert,  has been both a highly successful International Entrepreneur and a student in the Zen and Sufi traditions. His writing and teachings express the balance and harmony he has found in melding these two seemingly opposites to live with happiness and success in every aspect of life.

When I was in the Zen monastery in Japan, I spoke to the head monk about my desires to be a monk, yet I had a unique ability to help people solve almost any problem, both personally and in business. I have lived by what that monk told me for the past 20 years.
“Some of us are meant to be monks, others to be businessmen, and some to clean the streets, we all have a path that we are suited for. Whatever your path may be, do that as best you can and meditate every day for at least 20 minutes. But also, every day, make someone smile.”
  While reading your books, Understanding Words and All Is Mind, I started to realize why I'm angry and how to transform the anger into something more positive. I especially liked the sections that discuss the inner workings of the mind - why it works like it does and makes us react the way we do. It's so nice to know why we do the things we do but also that we are capable of change. I am already noticing the changes and having anger-free moments. I feel so much better.
Sincerely, Ann W. USA

I am highly impressed by your contribution to enormous knowledge in the field of humanity and philosophy, please endeavor to list me amongst your ardent fans and subscribers if I may say.

Mudy Y, Humanity For Africa

In my opinion, there is no person in the world better suited to help you achieve your goal. David is that one-in-a-billion kind of person.

 Ande Schurr, SchurrSound

As a result of my time with David I have grown into a far more confident individual who is far less susceptible to being controlled by my emotions and fears.

Brendon Duck, Software Developer