What is Spiritual, Really.

Law of Attraction – Spiritual Growth Series

There are many concepts about spiritual growth. The problem is that you do not even know what ‘spiritual’ really means, otherwise you would have it.

The entire concept of ‘spiritual’ is so distorted by false information spurred by a natural human need to understand what we are, where we came from and of course, where will we go after we die, added to the obvious pointlessness of life on earth for most humans, our desperation for an answer has opened a door since the beginning of time to false prophets promising the answers.

Such as it is, our search for Truth has been led down a spiral path that leads nowhere.

Once in a while, someone glances upwards in the center of the spiral and realizes that they have been walking in circles, gently sloping downwards. This makes those lucky and rare few aspire to find another way, to break out.

As they leap into the centre of the spiral and grasp at empty air, yet float upwards, other people on the spiral see them and usually say they are crazy and wrong to leave the solid path tread by millions before them, or a few other ones with eyes that are not completely covered in dust call for help to join the courageous one.

The reply is simple, clean your heart and you will float happily through life, and if you are cleansed enough of your greed and fears along with the many human ego bonds, you too shall float free.

It is those things which weigh you down, keeping your feet firmly on the spiral path of getting nowhere in a lifetime of lifetimes. Those things are to be washed away if you want to be free. Those things are kept in your heart, they are what you consider ‘you’, and you hold them precious and dear, never willing to even think of letting them go, they give you reason purpose and identity.

To die without dying is the answer. Let go of all you value, and that is not just material possessions, but your feelings and aspirations.

What do you value most? What are you willing to give or do to get it? Do you even know what you posses that you have to give? No, you do not see it because you do not realize that it is a possession, you think it is your very self, and you are right, but wrong as well.

True it is you, who you are, but it is still just a possession, it is not permanent, and so it is not you, it is something you have, that you have built, constructed out of mind matter, thoughts and ideals, desires and dreams, goals and aspirations, values and morals, programs of what is right and wrong, idols and gods.

The great Sufi Ibn Arabi’s famous statement to a large crowd that he is “standing on the head of your God” had him executed as a martyr. Many years later a serious seeker decided to find out the truth for himself and excavated the spot on which those words had been spoken to discover a buried treasure of gold and jewels. Indeed the great mystic knew what he was saying to make a lesson.

The lesson was obvious, but there is a greater lesson to be learnt, that humans hear words and not meanings. People will do anything they can to avoid seeing the truth about themselves, and yes that includes you. What will you do to find eternal happiness? Will you delve deep into the meaning of another of Ibn Arabi’s sayings, that “the highest stage of spiritual development is bewilderment.”

But how can you clean your heart of every trace of dirt that covers it in infinite layers? By ending denial, and seeing truth. What do you want, what do you need, what must you have to know the truth of what it is. How can you dissolve a desire if you never touch the thing to know it intimately. The simple saying ‘It’s not always as good as it looks” never stops people from chasing whatever it is.

You must know all things through direct experience to really know it and understand it well enough and only then decide if it is worth having or not, and what you are trading for it.

And such is the problem of life for most people, you will never have the opportunity to have a private jet, yacht, or billions of dollars to find the truth about these things making you happy or not.

But what you can have is the taste of a clean heart. When you drive in a heavy rain, the windshield wipers clean the water for a brief moment until more rain falls. Perhaps it is only in the tenth of a millimeter behind the blade that stays without water before new drops fall, but the dry windshield does exist.

If you can cleanse your heart for that millisecond and see through that spot, you will know what the reality of bliss is. Then you will float instead of be dragged down to earth by gravity, the gravity of the situation.

Converse with an open mind. When a thought or word reaches you that triggers a negative emotion, some resistance, or any thoughts at all, know that you have left reality to the world of your imagination. Your ego has won control yet again.

Breath in, breath out, put your mind in the centre of your chest and nowhere else. Find a word or name that inspires you with love, knowing that all things are false, that nothing will last, other than the cleansed heart. That is all, so simple to explain, so difficult to do, but difficult only because you choose to hold to your thoughts and beliefs, those precious things you inherited from your parents.

You are not you, give up your self and see through the dirt and dust. Even if it lasts only a fraction of a second, you will know by having seen, where you want to go to. Now you can say that you want spiritual growth because you have glimpsed what the spiritual realm really is.

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