What is the real problem, or solution.

The problems of the rich are more difficult than the problems of the poor because they have already tried and found the emptiness in the solutions that the poor still hope can bring them happiness.

The point is to say that although money does solve a lot of problems, the real problem is deeper. It is a feeling of companionship on a deep level.

People say they cannot find good friends, but the problem is the same as trying to find a solution in wealth to our deepest needs.

The problem is that if your heart is closed with fears of anything, then you are as blind or lost as someone who thinks money can solve the deepest needs.

Money solves the surface needs of life, yes that is true. But the deepest needs of love and companionship are solved when you open your heart and remove fears, and only then can you feel true friendship, because only then are you a truly worthy friend or lover to someone else.

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