What Is Your True Goal? What Is Truly In Your Heart.

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What is your true goal?  What is that for each of us?  It is not the same for all but appears to be the same for everyone in a group who share the same goal. That is obvious, but there is more to this than just the obvious. This is a tricky article, I hope you will have patience and persistence with my writing as I have made my best attempt to convey these thoughts in a way that if you think about this deeply enough, it may trigger some interesting realizations. Read it slowly, repeat the same sentence a few times until it makes sense, as it will if you give it enough time and thought.

To be how and what we want to be does not always include all the things we think we should be. If we knew the full path and way, we would be there already or at least progressing rapidly and noticeably every day. To choose or decide what is right or wrong based on our individual standards and opinions prevents attainment of the true goal, and that is the problem, we THINK we know what the right and wrong way is.

In finding what we do not have will bring the discovery of what is objectively right and wrong. To discover this requires giving up our subjective ideas of what we think is right and wrong. When you know right from wrong according to the rules of the game, then you have a much better chance of success, be that material wealth or spiritual growth, or simply a loving happy relationship.

How to act, live and love, what we do and possess, what we give away and reject, these are not things, they are thoughts and opinions. This is why emptiness is fullness, fullness is found in emptiness.

Why has our goal been so elusive? Because we do not know what it really is, we only think we do.

Propriety and correct conduct are told to bring prosperity, but that does not often work. When propriety and correct conduct are defined and fixed we become a block of wood floating on a rough sea in a storm.

Knowing that our true goal drives us while accepting we cannot understand it fully until after it has been achieved is the koan of the seeker of truth. What turns people away before they reach their ultimate goal is this conundrum. To seek what you cannot define, yet know that it is very precise but illusive because it is so obvious and right in front of you.

Find your heart, your original heart, buried under the rubble of your mistaken thoughts of the way to attain it, rather than running in circles around the mountain of accumulated memories of bad experiences, ‘correct conduct’ and the acquired concepts of the right way to do things.

There is no fixed right or wrong in a fluid constantly changing life and world. There is only to feel in the moment, to be present and aware. This is done by seeing our own resistance as it arises and knowing the more we resist the more we are just a log being tossed about on the sea with no hope of reaching the land we seek.

The great treasure waits for the courageous explorer, it lies hidden in the depths of our soul. But what is this ‘soul’?

It is said that the heart is the veil to the soul. So it is not the heart. The heart is clouded by the mind, so it is not the mind.

The heart is sullied by the mind which thinks the thoughts it has learnt and holds to. What are the real meanings of these words, only the true original heart can know. Forget words, forget meanings, simply be present to the moment without interpreting or defining what you feel.

Cleanse the heart, let go of thoughts, begin to feel without fear, be a courageous explorer and discover the depths of your soul by passing through the veil of thoughts of right and wrong.
Cleanse your heart by filling it with something else. Beware! This happens with love equally to hate.

The tides of the sea change every six hours, nature never stops cleansing the source of life on earth. Hold to nothing, constantly flow, your heart will be cleansed, and you will breath freely.

The answers are found in an open and pure heart.

My words may sound like riddles but in truth they are very clear if only you did not try to define and interpret according to your fixed opinions what I am trying to say.

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  1. Andy Sophocleous March 21, 2010 at 3:34 am #

    Thank you. This speaks directly to my experience. I have A LOT of opinions and I keep developing/learning new ones, instead of just being and observing objectively.

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