What Makes The Foundation Of A Good Relationship

Some Of My Thoughts About The Foundation Of A Good Relationship

A good relationship is built on being able to have a good conversation rather than a strung together line of clichés and standard lines about any subject that are mere repetitions of what is common thought.

Someone who thinks and says what they think without fear of reprisal or being rebuffed and rejected is an interesting person. Not just to disagree, but to take each thought, each moment in life as openly as if it is all there ever was or will be. Someone who will objectively think and admit mistakes or hold to their values, whichever is right at the time.

To live in the present while not neglecting the realities of life is a solid way to happiness.

Relationships are illusions. They exist only if two people decide to be together. Healthy happy relationships only exist when two individuals who are both devoted to being quality human beings decide to live together for the long term by leaving the past.

An old fellow said to me that the best relationship is for both to be virgins, but he understood that today that is not possible. He said, in that case, be as if you are virgins. You are what you are from the past experiences, but leave that as gone and be what you are today, with the one you are with today as if they are the only one you ever knew.

The future is bright only if the present is clear and the present cannot be clear if it is clouded by the past.

Be energetic, open, vibrant, and intelligent to stimulate the mind.

Be so beautiful inside, heart and soul, that looking into their eyes alone makes you melt and merge into one.

Have no boundaries because you have found your freedom from being insulted or hurt. This is true freedom.

Be comfortable in all ways, heart, soul, mind and money.

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