Where Did We Come From

This is the question that so many people ask. Some have found comfort in religion and the different versions of God, but I, like many people, find that a bit hard to accept, so I have spent my life, and continue to look further each day, to find an answer.

The first clue is that history repeats itself. In looking at human history, going back to the oldest signs of civilization on the planet, there is no better place than the Pyramids and Sphinx of Egypt. Following that, there are many temples and monuments, lost cities and more modern examples of the cycle of humanity’s growth and decay process.

Aside from the obvious achievements of the Pyramids that many people know about (and a visit first hand will show that there is no way a thousand slaves with sticks and elephants could have built those giant structures or carved the massive blocks of granite so perfectly), we can also look at the temples in Vietnam. One very good example in Vietnam is the temples in My Son (pronounced ‘mesun’).

These temples were constructed of bricks about 1,000 years ago. What is fascinating is that scientists from all over the world have not been able to figure out how those bricks were held together. They fit so perfectly tight and flush that there is no sign of glue or mortar. For decades scientists have tried to reproduce the method but have been unable to do so; no one can figure it out.

Not only have they not figured out the adhering method, the other factor is that after all this time, the bricks have no mould or moss growing on them at all, they are still perfectly clean. Yet, any attempts at reproducing and reconstruction are thickly covered in mould after less than 30 years. Please do some research on your own about My Son to learn more.

There are so many examples in the world of ancient civilizations that have accomplished tremendous feats, which we with all our great technology cannot figure out and reproduce.

We also must note that these civilizations have been totally wiped out and lost forever.

Considering that history repeats itself as we all know, we must accept that one day our civilization will be destroyed as well. It may happen by nature or we may play a part in it, that is yet to be seen.

So where did we come from? Back to history and comparing to the present. The Pyramids must have a lot of rooms inside them, and there are many temples in Egypt that must have had a great purpose. The base of the Sphinx and many other temples are five or more stories under the current ground level. This makes it far too obvious that there must be a massive amount of other structures buried deep in the sands that we have not found.

What could they have done there? What are we doing today? The world is at a critical stage of natural and man made disasters, and a questionable future. So, if the world is in a precarious stage of natural disasters, there is unrest and revolutions in the Middle East, and we are crossing species of animals, (which I have no doubt means we are also crossing humans), then we must assume that this is what happened in the past before those civilizations perished.

At this point in our discussion, let us assume that we were genetically created in a laboratory. And now I would like to take that theory one step further, with a little more logic to explore what is very confusing about the human mind.

Many people have a desire to quiet their mind, to stop the confusion of why we do what we know is bad for us yet do not do what we know is good for us. We want to meditate, stay focused, accomplish the simple tasks we set forth, be balanced, yet find that so difficult.

We also what to find a greater purpose in life, where we came from and why we are here, yet we cannot, due to the very same mind that wants to find these answers.

And this is where I postulate the combination of all this information explains everything. If we are genetically created for some reason, perhaps as a good workforce, perhaps as we are now trying to create computers that can think as fast as humans so they can do the work for us and we are free to do other things, whatever the reason we were created for is, we are just a ‘man made’ creation.

The problem is that if we are too perfect, then we may revolt, which may be what happened to the ancient people of the past. This is in fact depicted in greek mythology, that the humans revolted against the Gods and the Gods fled to the highest mountain, which could mean that they got in their space ships and went back to their planet.

So to prevent that from happening, a genetic flaw was put into the creation to prevent our minds from being able to get too smart, to stay too focused. The reason is that they gave us a mind, which could think and create, could reason and see beyond, but they did not want us to use its full power because then we could not be controlled. It appears we got too smart anyway.

So they put in what I call a limiter. The same thing car makers put in a car with too much horsepower to limit how fast it can go. Again, something we are doing already on a different field.

The limiter is what prevents us from staying focused and achieving the greater heights of our latent potential. And this is the work that all humans must undertake, to overcome this built in genetic flaw so we can develop our mind to its potential.

I believe this is possible because the flaw is not natural to the device. I mean that the mind we have is capable of the power to create by thought alone. The flaw was added later. That means the flaw is a separate part or device than the mind it is affecting. If we can locate this flaw, then we can remove it and open up the full power of the mind. Some must have done this in the past, call them the Saints and Buddhas, and they left us the teaching to reach that level as well.

This is why they all say that we are already enlightened and do not know it. Or that the truth is within, God is within us, we are God, etc.

Although people like Buddha for example did not undergo a physical operation, we must consider the Idiot Savant, the autistic genius of people such as the person which that the movie ‘Rain Man’ was based on.

The fascinating discovery that the autistic person has social handicaps, yet also has mental capacities that far outreach any ‘normal’ person is due to brain damage. Yes, a part of their brain is either damaged and not functioning, or is missing entirely. This is very interesting indeed, that with less physical brain matter, they have tremendous capacities. If we could find out which part was the limiting inhibitor and remove that without removing other parts, which may be required for healthy balanced living, we may be able to make a giant leap.

Considering the mental exercises of the mystics, it appears that there is a part of the brain that can be shut down by mental practices without damaging any other parts. This now brings us to conclude that there is very little mystical in meditation, but rather it is a physical alteration. We can ‘think’ ourselves into a different being. This leads into the long line of thinking to achieve your goals and that whole field, which sadly leaves this power as a tool to merely attain material goals.

Achieving this is a major operation that can only be performed on yourself, no one can do it for or to you. I will discuss the limiter in greater detail in following articles.

Of course, if this is all true, that we can see the future of humanity based on the past, that we are just a genetically engineered creature with an implanted limiter to keep us under control, that some have found the way past that limitation and have reached their full potential, thus many others can too, we are still left with the question of who created us and where have they gone.

The answer lies in reaching our full potential.

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