Why Do People Not Follow Through On Their Goals And Plans And How To Correct This Problem

If you are on your own, it is very hard to get yourself motivated and continue forward. But if you have someone to work with, you have much more power. Two people together can do the work of four people each on their own. But more importantly, when you are alone, you may not get anything done at all!

I have created a new forum on the LawOfAttractionForum.net for each member to participate in to solve this problem for people who are on their own with their goals.

The way it works is that you post your goal as a new topic under this section and by doing this, each person has their own page.

Every day you must post what you have done. It does not matter how big or small, but post what you have done towards your goal today.

What makes this work is that we help each other by commenting on each others posts.
This way you are not just posting things on the internet by yourself, but now you know you are being watched and commented on and supported on a daily basis by others.

Everyone asks for tools and aids to help them, well this is it. If you want to succeed in your goals instead of getting ideas and dropping them, then participate, do something towards the most important factor which is the companionship on your path.

Post your goal and what you do each day, then comment on other members posts. Put in 5 minutes a day, it is not much time, and this will help everyone in the group, ESPECIALLY YOU!

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