Why Do We Make Ourselves Lose?

Do you have what you could almost call a habit of making decisions that are disastrous?

It could be about anything, choosing the wrong person to date, the wrong turn while driving, picking out cloths that when you get home do not fit or look good, or even bigger things like always making bad investments?

Many people have this problem and it is really perplexing as to why is it that we keep doing things that make us depressed, angry, regretful etc.

My theory is related to the concept of mystical teachings that tell us in order to find true peace and happiness we must let go of all material desires and attachments.

Perhaps people who always make wrong decisions are in fact self-destructive, but maybe it is not for the reasons that the psychologists, mentors and so called teachers say.

They say that one may have self-hatred and want to hurt themselves because they feel unworthy, and that the cure is to hypnotize yourself into thinking you are awesome, fantastic and love yourself.

I have a very opposite view of that self hype, and feel that it is a very negative and self-destructive path. This topic will be covered in a following article but let me present a short version of the concept.

Using business as an example, but this can be applied to relationships or anything really, success comes from humility, which is to be grateful to the client for giving you the opportunity to make money.  You did not succeed in your business just because you made money or got paid. Your client or boss is the reason you made money. Without them, there is no job, no money.

Remembering that makes you appreciative and humble and always makes people like to work with you more than the competition, and that brings you greater success in your life in every aspect as your sincerity and appreciation for others increases.

Back to the point of this article, why do we make self-destructive decisions. I disagree that we hate ourselves or any of that, but in a way, we want to die. Let me clarify the definition of death in this reference.

Death is the end of the body. That also means the end of having to go to work, pay bills, taxes, illness, stress, limitations and the whole variety of frustrations of life. We have all wanted to end the pains at one point of another. Death is the end of suffering.

Additionally, death means that the soul, or whatever you think animates your body and who you are, gets to go back home. I am not speaking of religion as I am not a supporter of any one of them, but I do believe that we all have an innate feeling that there is more to us than this simple human life.

Since we are so lost in our material struggle, we do not spend time thinking about what comes after this life, or what could be the real point of it all, but somewhere in the back of your mind, that question calls you.

And so the answer to the question is, if you fail enough times and badly enough, you will get frustrated and fed up, and will give up.

Maybe it is that part of our being that knows the futility of all the material things we chase, and wants to give up the pursuit of material happiness, but cannot find any other way than to make it all so hopeless and frustrating that eventually the mind just gives up all desires along with hope after enough failures.

Perhaps it is the highest part of our being, that which is leading us to find that peace and serenity that is making us choose things to fail so we stop doing what is keeping us in the material hamster wheel, and become content with a simple but peaceful life.

When you give up chasing more and more, you may find that the best way to rest and fell good is to stop running after the carrot at the end of the stick.

In your own way, with the things you do, the things you think will make you happy or you must have, reflect on what you chase and why, and if that really is going to end your pains, or is the pursuit of that really the cause of pain.

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