Why It’s So Hard To Find A Good Relationship

First is the obvious, it’s hard to meet someone compatible. But when two people who could be good together do meet up, so often one wrong word triggers the other to just shut down and turn away.

Usually it was innocent or meant totally differently than it was interpreted.

The problem is that people are interpreting things wrongly in many cases, and then making determinations about a person they hardly know, and what could have been great, never even gets a chance.

If everyone could just remember that when someone says something, they may mean it innocently, or a joke, or totally the opposite of how you took it, there would be a lot less conflicts and disappointments, and a lot more happiness and communication.

The method is explained in my small ebook Eliminating Anger: Don’t Just Contain It and summarized in the article  Understanding Words, How To End Anger and Conflicts.

Before you turn away, stop and think, and give them a chance. Take more time to get to know each other before one wrong, and usually harmless word, blows up like a nuclear bomb in your imagination.

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