Why You Are Not Getting What You Want

Everything in life has a cost. The more valuable a thing, the higher the cost. The type of currency to pay for each thing differs depending on what it is you want to acquire. It could be time, money, sacrifice or effort of some sort.

Determine what you want. It could be many things, and for each thing, find what currency is required.

Material things require cash money, and for that you have to give your time to work and earn the money. You also may have to sacrifice buying other things to save up the money you need. In this case, there are several currencies required because one currency purchases another currency.

Sacrificing a few expensive restaurant meals to save money to have enough cash to buy what you want is a variety of currencies. Sacrifice buys discipline which acquires cash.

Loosing weight or building muscles requires sacrificing eating some fun fattening foods, and also takes effort in exercise which requires time. Two currencies are required, sacrifice fun foods plus effort in exercise. Then the currency of sacrifice returns in taking time away from something else to do the exercise.

Maintaining a good marriage or relationship requires the price of fidelity. Trust requires the currency of devotion and honesty. Moving up in the company or building a growing business requires the currencies of extra service, working harder than you are paid for, making up for your mistakes at your own cost, showing appreciation to your clients and staff, etc.

Time is limited, it is the one resource that every human being shares as a limited precious jewel. It may be true that fossil fuels are limited, but that is in a global scale and to be honest, the average person filling up their car does not think about the gas ever running out, nor of the grocery store running out of milk, at least in first world countries. So to the average person, most items are infinite, except their time.

Time is our most precious currency, and we are reluctant to give it up. Strangely, and humans are a very strange creature, many people would rather waste their time, and often their money, than put every second to good use. And here is the answer of why you are not getting the things you want.

What if you need $5,000 to go on a trip, and you do not have it. You may not want to give up going to the movies or restaurants for a couple of months, but the amount of money you spend on those things or cigarets or going to a bar or other things you could live without, would quickly in a couple of months ad up to $5,000. Money is wasted instead of towards your desire.

If you wanted to get in better shape, or wanted to improve your skills at something, but instead you choose to read magazines or watch movies instead of working on your desires, time is wasted instead of used productively.

Reflect honestly at your life, how you waste time and money instead of using it wisely, always under the excuse of saying you do not want to spend or waste it on those things which increase the currency you need.

The most powerful waste of all our currencies is…excuses. We all know the planet is in trouble, we are running out of resources, fish in the ocean, fresh water, clean air, and so many natural assets vital to the survival of our world. The way to save our planet is to stop wasting all these resources.

Imagine, if we could save a whole planet and seven billion people who live on it right now, just be being a little conservative on our resources so we have more of other resources to work with, imagine what you can do with your life with a little better asset management.

What are your desires, what currency do they require, see every second in your life as mana that can be turned into any currency you want, and then you can have anything you desire. Pay your debts, pay the costs, pay for what you get, or you will either never get it, or will not keep or enjoy it for long, because taking something and giving nothing is stealing.

I would love to hear from everyone about what your goals are and what currency you need to get it.

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