Why You Need To Know Your Outward and Inward Goal Before You Can Succeed

To succeed in achieving your goal, there must be an inward satisfaction as well as the outward achievement of the goal. A goal that is related to anything in the world, for yourself or for others is what we call an ‘outward’ goal. In order for an outward goal to be achieved you must have an inward goal behind it, its reason for being.

Let’s use the goal of volunteering as a medical aid to a remote area with few doctors. The outward goal is in helping people, the inward goal is to serve a useful and needed purpose that gives you a sense of value and purpose. The goal that gives inward fulfillment has a much higher potential of being achievable.

In order to have a fire of motivation, there must be an inward reason for the goal, without which the goal is unattainable, unless luck plays a part and you get it anyway. Luck is not something we can rely on. Our task in this study is to develop a method which is consistent and reliable in the attainment of a goal.

The probability of success is determined by the other factors. That probability increases with the inward desire which is often unknown or not developed. Outward desires are very easy to have. They come to us constantly through seeing a Rolls Royce pull up with a chauffeur letting out a gorgeous woman laden with jewels in the most elegant clothing, followed by a James Bond type man. That is just an example that should make it clear to any reader how easily it is to get a desire for money or other things by exposure. Television and marketing can certainly fill you with hundreds of desirable goals daily.

Those are outward goals with no inward goal. Those goals cannot be fulfilled. And so no matter what you do according to all the great systems, you will most likely fail. We are working on a system that will not fail, and so to guarantee that, a suitable goal must be selected.

A suitable goal must be born from an inward goal in order for the catalyst to be present. If the goal is to simply have a fire of motivation and passion in your daily life, that is still an outward goal. There must be an inward goal as well, even for what appears to be something that is purely emotional such as a passion, a fire, a general spark for life. Emotional goals are not necessarily inward goals. The inward goal is the ultimate reason that you want the outward goal, in a word, ‘why?’

If you are told to fast for 30 days as a goal, just water, no food, it would be difficult to do. There would be no passion as there is no reason, I just told you to do it. However, if you had a terminal disease and you will die in a month unless you fast for 30 days, in which case you will be cured, the fast becomes an achievable goal. You will set a goal of fasting for 30 days, and you will achieve your goal, assuming you really do want to live. But it was not the goal nor the achievement of the goal that you sought.

This is where people get misled when they read the books or take the seminars. Usually only the outward goal is recognised. Many times, people who are very successful in the power of the mind do not even know about the inward goal or account for it, even though that is the power behind their success. That is because it can be very subtle and the outward goal is much easier to identify and achieve, so they just stop at that. There is no point looking for a hidden treasure when you have another treasure right on the table in front of you.

Outward goals are often spurred by inward goals deep in your subconscious that you are not even aware of. That is very dangerous as you may have a self destructive inward goal. An inward goal can be to fail.

Seek your inward goal, find it or just be satisfied with your life as it is. If you find the inward goal, your motivation will be sparked and the process of developing the catalyst will have begun.

How To Find The Inward Goal

If you are not achieving your outward goals, you can safely assume the inward goal is not being fulfilled. There is something lacking in your life. What is lacking? It is a feeling rather than a thing. Things are outward and feelings are inward. We seek the inward goal which is satisfied through some outward action or possession.

The inward goal can be found when you locate and feel your true regret or dissatisfaction with some aspect of life. Your dissatisfaction can be for something in your life or for a culture, country, animal, planet. You can feel this regret for anything.

Inward goals are not always self centred. They can, and often are, for the benefit of others, be it people or things. Contemplate what you are disappointed with or regret the condition of or limitations, for example people in poverty who cannot afford good food, shelter or medicine.


Find a time when you can be undisturbed for 20 or 30 minutes. You can be in any place, even a coffee shop, as long as no one will disturb you. Follow this visualisation.

Imagine you are 99 years old. You know that you will live to 100 and then die. You feel you are not ready to die, there is something left that you want to do, but you do not know what that is.

You can still do anything that you want, whatever that last thing is without any hindrance from your body or money or any restriction at all. That is your last wish and so there is no limit. You know you are going to die soon and you have spent 99 years on this planet and still there is something left unfinished that is preventing you from dying peacefully. What is that?

Find what is left undone. Make a list as things come to mind. When you find what you may think is that one last thing, that most important thing that is preventing you from dying, you will know if it is correct, that is a feeling. Test it and try the exercise again daily and you will know based on an increase in your heart rate and breathing. Finding that inward goal will trigger a physical or emotional reaction.

That is your inward goal. Once you find that, then you can determine the outward goal that will fulfil it. The way to test if you have the right goal is how much time you put into achieving it. How much does it occupy your mind. A true inward goal will be all consuming and you will always be thinking about it and noticing ways to work on it. Then you know you have the inward goal to fuel the outward goal, and both can be achieved. If you cannot find it, keep doing this exercise daily.

You may have had a goal at one point in your life that you gave up on. You felt hopeless, impossible or something happened that you got heartbroken which is not necessarily a relationship, but some severe discouragement to make you feel your goal was utterly hopeless or the ones who would benefit from your effort are not worthy. This is one way to find your inward goal, find what it was and what it could be.

If you intellectually know or believe what the underlying goal may be, but you do not feel any passion or emotion for it, it is only intellectual, just do it anyway. If you start to do it, it may come back to life, emotion may be generated. If no emotion is generated after doing it for a reasonable period of time, that may not be your underlying goal, there may be a goal underlying that one. Pursue the goal you have and that may lead you to your passion, the underlying goal.

Pursue your goal all day everyday if you can, not just moments when you find the time. Make the time, give up other things that are not necessary and devote every moment that you can, replacing other activities with pursuing this goal. As impossible or ridiculous as it may seem, we went from inventing the automobile to driving a vehicle on the moon in 60 years, so what could be difficult after that?

It is the inward goal which gives a person the strength and endurance to withstand all the challenges and obstacles of achieving the outward goal. Without the inward goal being very clear, if there are difficulties in the outward goal, you will not have the strength and give up. This explains why some people have good outward goals but never achieve them or the person who gives up all the time versus the person who pushes forward no matter what obstacles appear, one has an inward goal and the other does not.

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