You Can’t Rely On Anyone, Or Can You?

This article is about a very good example how an essential truth of life can be imprisoning or liberating. If you can take this article for the lesson it delivers, and take it as a principle to apply to all things in life, to be able to see everything from a good as well as bad view, you will find a lot less frustration in life.

It is true that we cannot rely on anyone even ourself because no one is able to be that perfectly reliable that they can overcome all of the random events of life.

Even if your belief in yourself or another person is absolutely sincere and trustworthy, there is always the possibility of random accidents, bad luck, global events, illness etc. You can have a great job, pays well, great company, then all of a sudden the company goes bankrupt.

“Nothing stays the same forever. Accepting this is a key to happiness”

There is an infinite list of possibilities that could interfere with someones promise to be there for you, help you, or anything you expect. This means it is true that we can never rely on anyone. But in the negative sense it implies that there is no one who is sincere or trustworthy enough, basically everyone can be selfish. This is how the subconscious will deal with being let down enough times.

And so, we cannot rely on anyone because of that basic human nature, this is the negative, scary and depressing view. This makes you as an individual more selfish, self-centred, taking care of yourself first, me me me, because you feel you are the only one you can rely on.

The compensatory thought is that you are the best one you can rely on, because you cannot get away from yourself. But the reality is even you are unreliable because the same random events that could interfere with another person’s intentions to fulfill their commitment to you could also interfere with you keeping your word to yourself or other people.

For example you make a commitment to exercise or meditate every day. Then a random event happens, heavy work load, you need to travel, God forbid someone becomes ill and you must devote your full time efforts to take care of them, and you no longer have time to devote to keeping your promise and sincere desire.

Even you are unreliable to yourself.

Accepting this reality of life, as I said earlier, can be very depressing because it makes you feel totally alone, or it can be very liberating.

“If I do not take a thing as evil, I cannot be hurt by it.”

If we take the principle that we cannot rely on anyone, and take it one step further, which is;

‘Because it is a sad reality due to the circumstances of the difficulties and unpredictability of life on earth as a human being, nothing is guaranteed. I accept this reality.’

When someone lets you down in any way, from a simple commitment or an extreme case in which you imagined someone to be as perfect as God, because you forgot that there are always possibilities that can interfere with any promise, you will not be hurt.

“Everything is very simple when you look at it objectively 

rather than through your own personal opinions.”

If you get let down, you realize, of course, they are human, this is earth and these things can happen due to circumstances that are unavoidable and uncontrollable.

When you no longer get hurt, then your heart can be open and free and truly loving, but what is most important when you have this view of life, you will not live in fear, doubt and suspicion. As well, you can open up to other people such that you do not feel alone and lonely and isolated.

There are many benefits by taking the objective reality that humans are totally unreliable and that no matter what ones best intentions may be, or how pure a person is, we sometimes simply cannot avoid doing terrible things that we would not have done if circumstances were different at the time.

I hope this little principle can help you open your heart, let go of all your pains, sufferings, resentments and regrets in life, such that your whole attitude and overall feelings of life can be transformed and you will find far more joy than negativity every day of your life.

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  1. Paula Lecke June 14, 2017 at 7:18 pm #

    So true! Enjoyed reading this article.
    Spoken from the emotion (heart) and the intellect (brain) aspect.

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