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Give me one hour, and I will show you how to eliminate 90% of anger and conflicts. 

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Imagine how life could be if you did not; get angry or have conflicts, lose your temper, feel attacked and, never took anything personally or were emotionally manipulated ever again.

Your business and relationship success is infinite.


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  • Energy Cannot Be Destroyed, It Can Be Released. Finding The True Purpose Of Our Existence

    Humans are supposed to be a spark of God, of the Divine Light, yet we are far from that realization or living as that. An intellectual acceptance is like a load of books on a donkey, having no impact on the mind of the donkey.

    All things on earth and in the material universe are split in duality, from male and female down to the atoms having electrons, protons and neutrons, a negative and positive charge around a central force holding them in place, as the sun holds the planets in orbit, each planet having its own moons.

    Everything is separated in duality which forms to make unity. Moons to planets to our central star making up our galaxy. That is how all matter is formed and stays solid.

    If God is a singular being, complete in itself in every way, why is everything in the material universe divided if it all came from that one source? God can create on it’s own because it is a unity, humans cannot because we are only one part, female or male.

    If humans are essentially alive due to the spark of God within us, therefore we have the power to create universes, but in human form, we are divided such that we cannot even reproduce our own species alone. Why would we be made this way, to have the power but divided so we cannot use it on our own?

    By forcing us to require a mate, and making the need to create a powerful driving force, we are trapped in the human condition and cannot release our spiritual reality. The desire to create, and procreate is so powerful, because it’s the nature of the creator to create, the nature of the Divine spark within us. The Spark wants to create, not your body or ego alone.

    We live in a dependant condition, we can do nothing on our own. Our needs force us to be humble and accept our need of another in order to fulfill our desires. Therefore, the dualistic reality is the means of mastering the ego by acceptance of our limitations.

    Imagine if you had the power of God in your current emotional, mental and intellectual state? Would you really be a good god? Our ego must be mastered before we are safe to possess the power of a god.

    Energy cannot be destroyed, it can only be condensed into matter. When matter is destroyed, energy is released. These are scientific laws of physics. The dividing of male and female is the only solution as a means of trapping the Divine spark in the human body.

    The entire human condition is effectively a container to keep the divine light from realizing its power and being free. In the pursuit of finding the true purpose to our existence we must break out of the container of the human body.

    There is only one worthy goal in life; finding the answer to why we are here by eliminating the duality and human desires which keep the life force of the divine spark trapped in the human condition.

    If we could realize our true being by going beyond the material limitations of duality, we could end the suffering of life and separation from the original source.

    How to do this is a complex question which may have multiple ways to be achieved, as multiple lanes on the same road all go the same end, but one possibility is by destroying all desires by mastering the ego and becoming truly selfless.

    Every thought and feeling must be truly selfless, without desires for our own pleasure even while experiencing it. Your entire being must combine simultaneously the awareness of all sensations within your mind and body but be totally devoted on giving to another person 100% of yourself.

    Enlightenment happens when you no longer care even in the slightest for your own self. The most powerful force to let go of yourself is love. But to love that deeply, we must have someone to love, and more importantly than that, to have let go of our own ego and self-centredness and all desires.

    This is to be like a cloud as we have talked about in other articles and videos. A cloud is formed by the combination of moisture and temperature without it choosing its form in any way. A cloud is constantly forming and dissolving, and at the same time, giving shade or rain indiscriminately.

    A cloud has no ego. The Divine Spark, like any spark of fire, has no ego either. If there is ego and self-centredness, desires, fears etc, there is human duality, and all the pains that come with it.

    To be selfless does not mean to have no body or life, it just means that you have no suffering. Everything else about you stays the same. This is the way to be free, enlightened or at least, happy.

    Do for the sake of doing the best you can, but never for the reward or benefit you will get.

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