A Human Without Love Is Not a Human Being

A human without love is not a human being.
To live without loving is merely existing, it is a robots life.
To be truly alive, to live, to feel, one must have someone to love.

Love must be given to someone who can receive it for the lover to feel love.
If love is given to one who cannot accept it, then it burns even more painful than if there where no love to begin.

Without love, the riches of life are worthless. As a diamond buried deep in the ground goes unnoticed of its beauty, so does any gift in life that goes unshared.
Joy comes from giving to one you love. A gift, a thought, a precious feeling, all are valued the same.

To accept love is as important as to give it. If you cannot receive, you cannot truly give.
Accepting love is the same as giving, for love is not a thing that can be placed in a box.
Love is life.
Life does not discriminate, deteriorate, or diminish the more it is given, rather it flourishes, and love is the same.

Find someone to love, a companion, the homeless, the needy, the lonely. Find love in all places, give love to one who needs if you do not have one at home. You must love if you want to live.

Only through loving can you find Truth.

Then when you are so in love with Truth, will you love all beings,
and the love shall flow endlessly from you and to you,
and you shall be well fed and content.

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  1. Chrystal October 27, 2016 at 9:07 am #

    This has always been one of my favourite articles, I refer to it often. I relate to this very much! Thank you for putting into words so brilliantly


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