A Success Story

I would like to write about a young fellow who has virtually changed his destiny.

Two years ago, Ande was a 25 year old with thousands of dollars of debt, no real possessions or assets, he did not have any money in the bank, no car, and rented a room in someone’s apartment, not even having his own private place to live.

He did not have any great direction in life.  Any work or business idea he had changed within weeks resulting in him getting nowhere.

That was his condition when he met me.  After over one year, Ande had progressed a bit, but not very much.  Then something changed, he decided to become committed to his progress.

One short year later, Ande owns two businesses, has no debts, a nice car, owns his own $350,000 home and has a high 5 figure cash reserve in the bank.   His mortgage will be paid off in full in another 2 years and his now 6 figure income is increasing rapidly.

Great, that is material success and nice to have, impressive in a worldly sense, but still pales in comparison to his real success.

The real success is Andes personality.  Two years ago he was a lost kid with very low self confidence and self esteem.  He did not have any direction or passion for anything other than passing time, and that reflected in a rather average type of personality.

Now Ande is a strong confident person who is on his way to mastering his mental and emotional balance while improving his spiritual development, all along with building a strong and solid financial future.  So what changed?  How did this boy turn into a man?  The answer is by finding his weakness.

There is a common weakness in every human being, that when we are alone, we drift into apathy and lose motivation.  The passion of life dies, and nothing seems to be worth doing.

I have seen this with hundreds of my students and clients around the world.  It is a common and growing dilemma despite the connection we all have through the internet.  In fact, I think that the internet with the social networking and email communications can actually take us further away from social support because there is so much information out there, we can get lost in reading and never do.

Something clicked one day for Ande and he started to DO!   And that was the commitment to a goal which he finally had the strength to do because he found the support of other people.

My personal goal in life since I retired from business is to help as many people as I can find the same joy, passion and fire for life that I enjoy, and I hear that many people envy.

My challenge was how to reach people globally so that I am not limited to people who can come to my school in person.   And this I have solved with the LawOfAttractionForum.net

This forum is meant to bring people together and focus everyone globally on the same exercise each week.  I tis not just my ramblings, which you can get right here on EntrepreneurMonk.

This forum brings in the harmony and social aspect that we all need to be motivated along with focussed direction and practical action.  It is not just about reading, nor only about social contact.  It offers both, but as well it provides focused direction.

As the membership grows, we will hold local meetings to make the membership a face to face rather than only a screen to screen relationship.

The power that we all require to conquer our own limitations and achieve our goals is found when we join with other people in harmony towards a like goal.  That power raises your spirits and brings positive energy into your life that will give you the feelings you desire.

That is the power that pulled Ande out of a mediocre life into one of great success and joy.   You can read about Ande and his progress on FreelanceBusinessBlog.com

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