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David Samuel is The Entrepreneur Monk, because he was an entrepreneur and also a Zen monk, who is devoted to the never ending exploration of the nature of the mind.

Eliminating all negative emotions is a key factor in David’s teachings. With that comes balance and an tremendous amount of energy. It is actually not a very difficult state to achieve with correct guidance.

I am simply a person who has discovered how to live a balanced life with a full and positive experience of every moment. What I do is talk, so one may say I am a good talker rather than teacher. I speak only about things I have personally experienced and come from my whole being rather than from a head full of intellectually accumulated information.

David’s work is about life balance, EQ and behavioural psychology. Eliminating, not merely containing anger, stress and conflicts is the goal.


In hope of providing something of value to the world, David created Ethicalism.org to give everyone – either those who have a teacher or religion or those who have lost hope with the teachers and religions of today – a self-directed path to become content while strengthening ones individuality and sense of self.

In form, Ethicalism is simply a collection of ethics and practical exercises to help apply them in our life. In conducting ourselves such that we will live a satisfying and purposeful life, we strengthen our individuality and self-esteem, while opening up to deeper connections with ourselves and other people.

David believes and has proven that; “Business success is entirely reliant on the quality of one’s character”. It’s a concept for those who have looked at the priorities of their life and discovered that character is the only thing of value by virtue of ones true value being calculated by their word. The higher ones level of integrity, the more valuable they are in the business world, and the more emotionally stable and reliable they will be.

Success for a business or relationship can be directly related to the mental and emotional state of the people involved. Understanding the mind and its complex nature is the key. David has the rare ability to not only live this understanding but he can communicate and teach it in an enjoyable and very unique method which improves self-esteem, fires up and maintains motivation, improves all relationships, and brings balance to anyone’s life.

For a philosophy to be workable it must embrace all socio groups and ethnicities. Such is the accessibility and universality of what David teaches. His entire teaching could be summed up as a preparation to know what to do at each moment; to become a person who is capable of making right decisions; to know when to speak, or stay silent, in the right way in any context, with any people.

His work is in helping a person develop a total level of emotional independence in which one will never get emotionally upset, insulted or angry at anything anyone says. This is not to be confused with being closed emotionally. You need just have a conversation with David to realize his innate energy, vitality and compassion.

Author of seven books, guest speaker on several TV talk shows, course trainer at institutions in Germany, New Zealand and the USA, and publisher of more than 300 behavioural psychology articles on the web, David is a prolific writer and respected, likeable personality.

His writing and teachings express the balance and harmony he has found in melding both the international entrepreneur with personal growth, to live with happiness and success in every aspect of life.

What makes David different is that he offers clear and relevant answers to questions and problems from the perspective of what is best for the person asking the question. There are no ‘cut and paste’ responses but rather original and creative solutions, suitable to each situation and person in their life.

David has been referred to as an enigma. Since he was a very young child, he had a burning desire to resolve the negative state of human life and succeed financially; not quite the usual consideration for a young child! With his in-depth history living and working in many countries and industries, dealing with all manner of people across the world, he is well equipped to impart his experience.

Have No Regrets, Look Forward

The Foundation of David’s Philosophy

I would like to explain why this slogan is the foundation of my philosophy. Like all foundations, there is a lot more to it than you can see, and usually a foundation is buried underground, so its real value is hidden when you look at the building. This article requires a little preamble to get our minds thinking in the same direction.

The results and experiences of your life are directly connected to your thoughts, your moods, emotions and energy. Basically, your thoughts will determine the results. This is obvious of course, if you try to sell something to someone or go on a date, and you are negative or angry, it is very unlikely you will make a sale, or get a second date.

Positive people have positive lives filled with success and have ample energy. Negative people usually only have a wish for the ‘charmed’ life of the positive person and are often tired and lack energy. Usually the view is that positive people are happy because they are successful, but in fact, it is the reverse, they are successful because they are positive.

This is also obvious, but now let us examine why people are negative, not just the obvious causes of loneliness or lack of money, but the cause of that cause. What puts and keeps someone on a ‘downward spiral’. All effects have a cause, but that cause is only an effect of a previous cause. In order to correct a problem, its original cause must be found. The original cause is the foundation of the life you live.

Have no regrets, look forward. Positive people look forward to what they can or will do next, negative people are always looking back, thinking of missed opportunities or the troubles that have hindered them. Looking forward or looking back are both just effects of the emotional and mental state of the person. However if things turn bad, it is easier for negative states and memories to occupy the mind compared to positive states. This is an interesting fact; that we must put in a lot of energy to stay positive, yet it is so easy to ‘fall’ into a negative state. Falling down is easier than climbing up, it is a matter of how much energy you have.

Falling takes no energy, you just give up. Climbing requires lots of energy. Therefore the more energy you have, the better your chances are to be able to climb to positive heights, while the less energy you have, the less chance you have to climb out of a negative state.

The First Law of Thermodynamics states that energy cannot be created or destroyed. However, energy can be taken from one place and moved to another, hence giving the appearance of destroyed when it is removed.

Think about the common phrases people use when they have been badly hurt such as; “I was crushed by his leaving me”. Emotional events that cause great pain leave a person ‘crushed’ ‘destroyed’ and in extreme cases, ‘emptied of a will to live’.

If energy cannot be destroyed, then where did it go? And another vital question; why did it not come back?

With this preamble completed, let us move on towards an analogical explanation that may offer the solution. Perhaps the subject of this article is in fact reality or, perhaps it is just an easy visualization to grasp the concept. Regardless of if it is true or not, a concept that can be visualized may make a confusing question answerable.

Why do we stay depressed or fall further and further into a negative hole, or even just live a life of quiet desperation instead of living a fully positive and energetic series of happy successes for a long and healthy life?


It is impossible to live a life free from doing anything you will regret unless you have no morals or conscience. Then you are nothing more than an animal. For anyone who has even the slightest bit of a human heart, you will from time to time do things that you will regret.

If you do something that hurts someone, whether you mean to or not, if they are emotionally involved, and you hurt them with an insulting or hurtful word or action, or you did something wrong or bad to them in any way, innocently or intentionally, even if you did not realize what you did, an energetic entity is created in that instant of pain.

This is where our visualization starts, an emotional pain creates an offspring of sorts which is of an energetic nature. Compare this entity to magnetism, an energy which is invisible yet has a very real effect on material and electronic objects.

Another means of creating these entities is if you do something on your own, but you believe that it hurts someone in some way and the emotion of regret is felt. Perhaps the father makes a bad business decision and loses a lot of the family’s money. The family may not know, but he feels guilty for having hurt the family by bringing financial hardships upon them. This emotional hurting can be done all on your own, in your own mind. This is the guilt of hurting the innocent.

You may have done something hurtful and not known that you did it. Even if you did not know what you did, an entity was created by the other person’s pain, and has been feeding off you all this time.

The process of creating these entities is similar to sex. A man makes love to a woman, the woman gets pregnant, and a baby is born. The baby is a life and entity of its own, however there is an emotional connection to the mother and father, even though they are separate beings. The energetic entity that is created when a person is sincerely and deeply hurt is the same as human reproduction, except that the pregnancy and birth happen instantly.

The entity is permanently connected by an energetic umbilical cord to both the person who was hurt and the person who did the hurting. That cord cannot be broken and that entity will feed off both parties as long as any negative energy and regret is alive, for the rest of your life.

Humans have an excellent ability to adapt to new things until they are no longer noticed. Any new thing that starts off being irritating, eventually disappears due to it becoming a normal part of your life. It still exists, but you do not notice it any longer, and so you forget that it is there.

The entity is an independent being, although energetic rather than material in nature, but does not have full consciousness. It does not think or act, it merely lives to eat and eats to live. It remains this way for its entire existence, it just exists like a cell in your body. Each cell does not think or feel as humans do, it merely lives, eats and reproduces.

Let us continue with the visualization. Imagine an entity that has a cord to each person, similar to donating blood. A tube is inserted into your vein, and another person is sucking your blood out of your body. The entity eats only one food, the energy of the people who created it. It does not have a conscience or thought or mind or personality, it does not think about how eating your energy is hurting its host, similar to a parasite which eats the internal organs of the host animal until the animal dies. All without thought or feeling, it is a simple organism that just eats to live and lives to eat.

The energy that the entity eats is your essential energy. That is a bit of a vague description since we are of course speaking in an allegorical sense, perhaps. This energy is referred to in some systems as Prana, Chi, Jin, Essence, Life Force, etc. The name we give it does not matter as much as what it is to us. Your moods and emotions fluctuate according to the level of this energy at each moment. We can call it emotional energy, but that lacks the fact that it effects our physical energy levels as well as emotional moods. It is common to equate our mood being down and our energy being down simultaneously.

Let us imagine that there is this entity, a sort of black cloud, and rather than sending rain down, it is sucking water out. Water is of course what you need to live. If you did not drink water for a long enough time, you would get dehydrated and the results would begin with feeling tired and weak, then a headache, then listless. You will become grumpy and depressed, your skin would dry out and get more wrinkled, and eventually, you will die.

Compare a fresh fruit to a dried fruit, and then dry it out some more until it eventually becomes hard and crisp and crumbles. I believe that everyone knows at least one person who would fit this description.

So far we have set the stage of two people who are emotionally tied, man and woman, parent and child, close friends, etc. One says something to the other that causes a severe emotional pain, perhaps one has an affair, or the parent tells the child they are a worthless bum in a fit of anger. In the instant, an entity is created and ties itself to each person and begins to feed off them. Neither person says anything or admits to the other their remorse and regret, guilt or pain from the event. Either they cannot deal with it or they think it will blow over and pass in time, as all things appear to do, due to human adaptability.

Over time, although it is true that your conscious mind can block out events and hide them deep in the subconscious memory so you do not recall it at all, the entity is still there, feeding off you. This is one event, one entity, but imagine how many of these events happen in the course of your life?

If you do not clear it, your energy is being constantly drained. This is ‘having something in the back of your mind’. You will always be looking backwards in a way, having an entity that you are dragging through your life eating your energy, and at the same time, being a weight that you are pulling. Certainly if you have a feather tied to a string, and the string is tied to your chest, you would not notice, but if that was 1,000 feathers and 1000 strings, and each one is taking a bit of your energy, then the weight starts to add up, and the tension around your chest increases. After all, enough feathers can lift an eagle into the air, so you can imagine that enough feathers could also be causing you quite some resistance in your life.

As the resistance to your moving forward increases, and your energy levels continue to be depleted by the numerous entities, you may fall into a depression. As this happens, the people around you will also find it more unpleasant to be with you, and that will cause more conflicts. More conflicts will create more entities. In this way, the entities reproduce. One parasite in your liver will multiply until your liver is completely consumed by a vast colony of parasites.

At this point, if you have a good capacity for visualization and have objectively looked back on your past to find all the things you have done that have directly or indirectly hurt someone you care about, you may be quite scared, looking around in your mind, seeing a horror film image of a virtual wall of demons covering you, eating away at your very life. But now the good news, the method by which you can dissolve these entities.

Regret. This is the emotion that is the choice food for the entities. If they do not have negative emotions to feed on, they will feed on any energy they can find. Because of this, you may be a very happy positive person, but if a significant enough event happens that creates a strong enough entity. Being a very positive person, it does not have enough negative energy to feed on, so it will eat your positive energy and drain you until you get emotionally low enough to create more and more negative energy. Basically providing food to order.

There are two sides to regret. It is an emotion that can destroy you and can also free you. Regret, without thought, sits in the back of your mind and eats away at you. However, when you find the feeling of regret, and find the true cause of your regret, meaning honestly admit to the action that is causing the emotional pain, you now have the opportunity to apologize or, release the event.

This goes for both parties. The person who caused the event must apologize to release themselves, and the person who got hurt must truly forgive and release their pain to cut their umbilical cord to the entity.

If I hurt you, and I feel guilt, I will regret my actions until I sincerely feel the regret and apologize for what I did. It may not even bother you at all, but it bothers me. And so I must admit and apologize to release my regret and dissolve the entity.

If you are hurt by my actions, whether is was intentional, accidental or innocent, you must accept that you are keeping it alive, due to the human nature which enjoys holding something against another person because it gives some sort of power to control, but is a double pointed sword killing both parties. Your anger and pain is feeding the entity which is eating your energy. You must release the pain by accepting that you are perpetuating it. If you can imagine the in the form of an entity which is feeding off you, this will help you gain the strength and desire to be rid of your pain.

When you are freed of your regret, the entity dissolves and no longer drains your energy. As the body can lose blood and then replenish the supply, so will your positive energy levels increase, along with physical health and success in all aspects of life. When you have dissolved enough of the entities, as there are most likely a few more than you realize, the replenishment will become evident in your improved mood and energy levels.

Personal development training is geared towards the elimination of negative emotions. My course, All IS Mind, is one effective method to transform yourself into a person who does not get angry. It is quite amusing actually. When someone insults me, I never know I have been insulted. I hear the words, but they have no effect, I do not get upset at all.

If someone gives you a gift and you do not accept it, who does it belong to?

I do not accept the gifts of aggressive people, and so I do not get infected by their attacks. By attaining this state, I have removed many entities that I gave birth to throughout my life, and do not create any new ones by getting upset.

Until you reach this level of emotional freedom, you must deal with the entities that are attached to you and also continually being created. When you do something that you regret, you must apologize, by apologizing you dissolve the entity. You can avoid thinking about things you do that you regret for days or even decades, but they stay in the back of your mind, eating away at your energy. Ignoring does not make it go away.


Make a list of anyone you can think of that was hurt directly or indirectly by your actions. This exercise can go on over a few days or weeks, there is no real end to this. You may start this exercise and only think of some things a year after you have started. Some thing may be very deep in your subconscious, or some things you may not know that you did and it takes the moment when the person you hurt brings it up and you just realize what you did 10 years ago. Even if you did not know what you did, the entity was created by the other persons pain, and has been feeding off you all this time.

List all your regrets and then do what you can to apologize. But you must first really feel the regret, feel the pain that they feel, then when you sincerely feel regret, make your apology. It defeats the purpose if you just recall the event and intellectually or with false emotion make an apology.

Likewise, make the list of those events in which you feel you have been hurt and visualize the entity sucking out your blood. Make the visualization strong enough that the fear of being drained becomes stronger than the habit of holding the pain.


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  1. David is the best person in the world to help me achieve my goals. He has an equal understanding of what it takes to succeed in business and what it takes to build a good character and, frankly, I want both. I have studied David’s work for several years now and if it wasn’t for these articles and the continual reminder that my goals are possible and that my potential CAN be realized, I would have long been lost.

  2. Not only did David Samuel’s teachings take me from living in a caravan to becoming a well paid, self sufficient artist, he has shown me how to attain balance and eliminate unnecessary suffering from my life. I am a happier, healthier, stronger, more rounded person; my emotions no longer at the mercy of outside events or inward imaginations. Thank you, David. I will never be able to thank you enough.

  3. Before I met David I was sleeping 9 hours a day but still feeling tired all the time. Since working with David, I now sleep 5-6 hours a night and wake up feeling energized. He has helped me find a whole new source of energy to live a better, happier, healthier life. David Samuel’s teachings have been a true blessing.

  4. [A different person with the same name]I have recently fell into this positive thinking and I must say I feel at one with myself I’m 32 and have 2 beautiful little girls ella and Georgia 5&2 there lives have changed so much from it I’m bringing there dreams to life it’s ace

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