Sticks And Stones May Break Your Bones, But Names Can Never Hurt You

There is so much truth to that saying, we all heard it, and now as adults, how many of us actually understand it and have it as part of our lives. But on the other hand, when a mystical teaching tells us to acquire equanimity and not be affected by other peoples empty comments, all […]

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Try This Exercise To Develop Concentration

Get an eye pillow. You can get one in a new age book shop or pharmacy or health nutrition store. It is a small silk pillow about 7 cm by 15 cm long with some scented stuff inside. When you are sitting somewhere for a while, and you will not need your hand, either hand, […]

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How You Are Ruled By Acquired Opinions, And How To Be Free

“God created all creatures equal, except man. To man, He gave freedom of choice.” This thought is what my grandfather always told me, and now 30 years later, it struck me that our being and personality, our potential and our actualization, are not equal. What is that choice? What do we have the freedom to […]

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Enlightenment Requires The Experience Of Deep Emotion

Deep emotion, in order to be experienced, requires a deep relaxation of the body. Either fear of emotions or a desire not to feel them because of what comes with the experience of that deep love and emotion, causes a physical tension which traps the emotions within the body. That physical tension prevents the experience […]

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Why People Do Not Know How To Feel

What do you feel? The first thing that happens when asked this question is that you think about it. Then your mind goes in one direction and you think about that further. The moment thought or intellect comes into the question of feeling, imagination rises and feelings are distorted. The images that your imagination will […]

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What Makes The Foundation Of A Good Relationship

Some Of My Thoughts About The Foundation Of A Good Relationship A good relationship is built on being able to have a good conversation rather than a strung together line of clichés and standard lines about any subject that are mere repetitions of what is common thought. Someone who thinks and says what they think […]

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What Do You Do When You Feel You Have No More Left To Give

I have often heard people say that they have no more to give, that they have given so much and have nothing left. I do not understand how this is possible. I wonder what it is that they have none left of. If I understood the conversation correctly, considering they are talking about a relationship […]

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What Is The Real Nature Of Emotion

Emotion is emotion, it is neutral in nature. Your thoughts, at the time, make it positive or negative. Emotion is an amazing thing, and very misunderstood. Everyone has it, you feel up and down from time to time, and yet at times cannot understand what is behind the emotion. Emotion is a strange thing that […]

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Have No Regrets, Look Forward

I would like to explain why this slogan is the foundation of my philosophy. Like all foundations, there is a lot more to it than you can see, and usually a foundation is buried underground, so its real value is hidden when you look at the building. This article requires a little preamble to get […]

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What Is The Real Problem, Depression Or Disturbance?

Depression is a rampant disease according to our scientific medical community. Is that an accurate statement, or is it a massive misdiagnosis based on the real problem being too illusive to cure or too “spiritual” for medical science to acknowledge. In the Gospel of Thomas from the Nag Hammadi Library; Jesus said, “Those who seek […]

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