Have No Regrets, Look Forward

I would like to explain why this slogan is the foundation of my philosophy. Like all foundations, there is a lot more to it than you can see, and usually a foundation is buried underground, so its real value is hidden when you look at the building. This article requires a little preamble to get […]

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What Is The Real Problem, Depression Or Disturbance?

Depression is a rampant disease according to our scientific medical community. Is that an accurate statement, or is it a massive misdiagnosis based on the real problem being too illusive to cure or too “spiritual” for medical science to acknowledge. In the Gospel of Thomas from the Nag Hammadi Library; Jesus said, “Those who seek […]

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Nothing Is Only About You

People relate all events that effect them in any way as if they have come to be just for them, as if it has not only anything, but everything to do with you. We indirectly believe that God, the universe, or other people are doing what they do specifically just for us. Stop imagining that […]

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How To Eliminate All Of Your Negative Qualities

A truly arrogant or evil person does not see or acknowledge that they are that way. That is the mark of one who has a good chance of self-improvement, seeing what is really inside themselves. The truly arrogant or evil person sees themselves as normal and good. The eye cannot see itself, it can only […]

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Why You Need To Know Your Outward and Inward Goal Before You Can Succeed

To succeed in achieving your goal, there must be an inward satisfaction as well as the outward achievement of the goal. A goal that is related to anything in the world, for yourself or for others is what we call an ‘outward’ goal. In order for an outward goal to be achieved you must have […]

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Don’t Just Think Who You Are, Know Who You Are: How To Become Emotionally Independent

The goal of personal development is personal freedom. Freedom from your emotions, moods, reactions to success or failure and most importantly, freedom from being dependant on other people or your environment. Emotional independence is not about suppressing or stifling your emotions, rather it means that you can choose your moods, and obviously you will choose […]

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How To Get An Objective Point Of View

To succeed in life, both in the world of business, relationships and other things, as well as succeed in the inner world, the spiritual world, you must learn to accept reality and your actions as they are without trying to make things fit your imagination. Attain an objective view of reality. This is the biggest […]

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