Enlightenment Requires The Experience Of Deep Emotion

Deep emotion, in order to be experienced, requires a deep relaxation of the body.

Either fear of emotions or a desire not to feel them because of what comes with the experience of that deep love and emotion, causes a physical tension which traps the emotions within the body.

That physical tension prevents the experience of emotion, and if emotion is prevented then enlightenment and an experience of the divine cannot happen.

Mediation and practices to relax and release every cell and drop of tension in the body will allow emotions to be experienced and come to the surface and with that the possibility of enlightenment or an experience of the divine which is extremely emotional and so it is not quite the same as other emotions. It is absolutely identical but not quite the same.

Spiritual experience is basically connected to the experience of emotion, and emotion is restricted by the desire not to feel it which causes tension in the body. Other tensions in the body could also prevent it, that is why relaxing breathing and release of all tension is vital meditative practice.

Creating space within your body is done by physically relaxing the muscles and body. That relaxation of the muscles releases tension that is restricting blood flow, and breathing. By releasing the tension through deliberate relaxation or using the breath will allow movement.

Presently with tension, there is no movement. Without movement, the organs cannot function. If the spiritual heart doesn’t function, then the person is stuck living in the material human realm without being able to experience the spiritual realm. The spiritual realm opens up the experience of the true nature of our being, along with spiritual abilities such as increased intuition and access to wisdom. On the simple plane, it means a feeling of love, joy, peacefulness, contentment, all good things and the elimination of negative emotions.

Create space by relaxing the breathing. You can practice breathing exercises to the end of your days and not achieve the goal if the essence of the point of it is not known. Likewise, the goal can be achieved instantly on first try if the method is known. Normally, the result is somewhere in the middle, combining practice with knowledge.

Is God Inside or Outside?

Christ said that the Father is in all of us. The spirit of Christ is in each of our hearts and attaining that will bring us to the Father. The church organisers took Christ out of the peoples hearts and placed him on a cross. They took the spirit outside and placed it as an image that is seen with the mind, the intellect, thus robbing the average person of what Christ was teaching.

There are those that “find” Christ. They have done so by loving Christ so deeply that they have placed him back in their heart and either consciously or unconsciously opened their spiritual heart by the love and acceptance which relaxed the physical muscles allowing the spiritual experience to happen. Their devotion to the image still ties them to that one path which unfortunately can bring them half way, an experience, but not the full way, objective reality without name or form. That is seen in the person who calls themselves religious but acts hypocritically.

However, the concept is correct and useful. Love does not have to be for one special person. The reason we perceive that as such is because of the interpretation of love. In general, we have been trained to think of love as an emotion that happens between people. Perhaps we believe that more subconsciously that we realise. The only way to prove this is to test it by doing these exercises. Determining if one is this way or not without testing indicates that the mind is closed and with a closed mind there is tension in the body and the experience cannot happen.

Love is equivalent to blood circulation. It is something that happens to keep us alive without our knowledge of it. This love, sadly we have to use this word. I say sadly because of it being misconstrued through uses such as making love and I love my car. Spiritual breath is perhaps a better word so let us use that from here forward.

Spiritual breath can be held like physical breath. In either case the body dies. In the spiritual sense, the spiritual body does not die, rather it does not live. Equally if one holds ones physical breath, the body is not living until the breath is released and continued. If you held your breath, you would fall unconscious and then automatically start to breath again. Likewise, we can hold our spiritual breath until the body dies, then the spirit or soul, whatever you believe, starts to breath again and continues its existence.

The practices of observing the physical tension in the body in the major joints and muscles and releasing the tension is the way to understand what it means to release tension. Once you are slightly proficient in this practice, then you can work towards releasing the tensions in the centre of the chest. It is the same process and the visualization can be of several options. Try different ones until you get it.

First it can be a person, one you know or do not know, someone that you feel great love for. It can be a figure in history that you have great love for, it can be Christ, Moses, Mohammed. Or you can place your mind in the centre of your chest with the thought of the release of tension being equal to the opening of a door or the dissolving of a heavy cloth that is acting as a room divider.

No amount of explanation can give you what the experience can. Experience this once, and you will understand.

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