How to be an Optimistic Pessimist

Negative is really positive.
Accept what is and you will never be disappointed or fail.

Generalities are the rule, we must play by the rules.

Humans are unreliable. Know this and they are without failure, and you will be without failure.

Everything is destined to fail and be destroyed, this is nature, the law of growth and decay. Obey the law and all will go well.

Downward moving nature is human animal nature.
Upward moving nature is conscious awareness, Awake, Spiritual Growth!

The rules are the Nature of the game.
Exceptions do not make the rule, but they exist.
Learn the rules and then become an exception!
Ignore the rules and you are bound by them through ignorance.
Ignorance is the first rule of the rules that govern humans.
That rule prevents escape from the rules and therefore binds you to downward moving nature.
Knowing the rules conquers the first rule of ignorance and then allows upward moving nature. That is the beginning of the freedom of the soul.

A human has no soul, rather, A soul has a human.
Are you a human or a Soul?
Then live according to the nature of what you are. Downward or upward moving nature.
One is material and destined to destruction the other is non material and therefore cannot be destroyed.

Prison destroys, freedom enlivens. We create and lock ourselves into our own prisons, and we have the key to get out, if you are willing to change.

The shell must be broken for the seed to take root.
The human is the shell, the soul is the seed.
This is the profound meaning in the saying, “What does not kill me makes me stronger.”
We can endure so much if we are willing to accept the situation. It is in denying reality that we create our own suffering and prison.

The acorn cannot open to let the seed out of its shell until a fire burns so hot that it decimates the entire forest, including the shell. This is a fact of life in nature. Become more than nature rules animals and let your consciousness deal with the nature of the world while you rise above it by knowing you have the power to overcome all obstacles, by accepting the reality of the situation.

Panic in the fire and you may be destroyed without giving forth the seed within.
Learn the rules and free the seed through knowledge.

Test your beliefs. Observe your life. Review your results. Is what you believe reality or ignorance? Can the unlimited reality be limited?

Ignorance is ignoring reality.

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