How To Find The Perfect Partner

The little idiosyncrasies and things that bother you about your partner is actually a fixed opinion and ego centred way you want it done, wanting it your way.

Letting those things go and accepting everyone, with their little issues, makes you a better person and those little things seem to disappear as they no longer bother you, and magically, a previously fault filled person becomes near perfect.

Instead of 70 good and 30 bad things, for example, it changes to 90 good and 10 bad. Of course drugs, alcohol, abusive behaviour are unacceptable and you should never accept any person who is subject to these addictions and poor quality of character.

An ego centred, narrow minded, selfish person is unacceptable. Before you classify someone else that way, consider how you are demanding things to be your way and blaming another person for doing it wrong.

This article is for the tiny things like how they comb their hair, wash the dishes, leave the toilet seat up or down, leaves the toothpaste cap open. If you need it all done your way, that is extremely limiting to you and the other person. This is a very selfish way to live.

By letting these things go you may find the more perfect partner rather than finding flaws in an otherwise really great match.

Ask yourself, where is the flaw? Is this idiosyncrasy that bothers me such a big thing that changes the world, or is it only a big thing to me? If it is only big to me, and other people do not find a problem, or does it really chance anyone’s life?

These questions help you reflect, if your mind is open enough to accept you are not perfect and that your fixed opinions are limiting rather than establishing your personality, you may find a very different experience in your relationships and friendships.

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