How To Make Yourself The Object Of Desire, Both For Work & Relationships 

It all begins with your attitude, however attitude is not necessarily what you think it is, so please read on.

You must of course believe that you have something of quality to offer, something of value that you can provide to the work or person you desire to be with. This is not always something concrete, for example, it could be that you are a muse, you do nothing yet you inspire.

Next follow with an attitude that you do not want anything for yourself, but rather you want to give a great service or benefit to others, and that your payment is simply that you are useful. Your goal should be to do the best you can simply for the sake of doing the best you can and get the best possible job done.

As an example, when you clean your house, time yourself and try to do it quicker and better each time. You race yourself, just to see how much better you can be, no other reward other than doing the best you really can. Live and breath with this attitude, to see how much better at whatever it is you can be, including being human.

Obviously you will get paid for your job, but it is the attitude that makes one super successful because it touches the emotional subconscious of the other person.

Our world is filled with people who want for themselves, selfish, egoistic and greedy. When ones attitude changes to wanting nothing more than to give for the sake of giving, not only are people touched with your sincere wish to do a good job, but on a personal relationship level, the other person will feel sincerely loved and cared about.

In both cases, work and love, people will open to you and desire to be with you, because you are the rare individual who provides what all humans seek, true connection without selfish desires creating a debt for what you give them.

This is the uniqueness and problem for people to adopt my philosophies of success, they are not simple business techniques. Rather, they are an alteration of the mind and personality. The analogy is a bicycle wheel; the tire, rim, spokes all connect to the hub, which is the most important part of the wheel, it is what holds the whole wheel together and keeps the wheel strong and round to roll through life smoothly.

This is also why there are so many courses on success and so few successful people, you are looking in the wrong place, getting fancy tires but still have a distorted hub and thus a wobbly wheel.

Make yourself such that you fill the deepest human emotional needs. Yes emotional, even in business when it appears the needs are skills or intellectual. The essential nature of all things being emotional is proven by the amount of stress related diseases caused by high pressure work plaguing the executive level and even all levels of social classes.

You cannot get a heart attack or stroke by catching it from someone, you must be very stressed. Stress is an emotional reaction to an external situation that is not contagious like a virus, but is entirely born and grows in ones mind, causing emotional feelings that develop physical ailments.

Business and love are no different, we want someone to fulfil our needs. The need in the workplace is to get people to work hard and productively, which is very rare. The real problem is that we only act out of selfish interest, and that means your boss knows you may leave at any moment, thus causing him the stress that he may be left with a vacancy and unfinished job.

If however you are totally sincere, the boss can rest knowing that this particular job is taken care of and will be done well and not left unfinished. There is no difference between this situation at work and a relationship that you have someone you know you can rely on for your life.

Work skills can always be learnt, so that is obviously not going to make you any different than anyone else who can also learn those skills, maybe better than you can. It is the hub of the wheel of your mind, the engine of your personality that drives you, that is what counts.

Make that engine one of service for the sake of doing the best you can and only for that reason, and you will find that money and offers will flow towards you. But remember that this change cannot be done in a weekend, it takes time to transform your personality and there is much work that needs to be done to do this.

It is not complicated, anyone can do it. You just need the right guidance and being determined to raise your self to a new level of living and being. You can begin right now, all you have to do is observe your thoughts, see how selfish you ultimately truly are, and in that observation, with a desire to change, you will find your actions in six months are different than they are today.  And of course, you can always ask me to advice 🙂

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