How To Succeed In Living Both A Spiritual And Material Life

I have studied many different paths and often refer to their teachings to help my students understand the same principle from many angles . One such teaching is from the Ancient Sufis –

“It takes 100 years to travel a journey alone that would take 2 days with a guide”

I have achieved great success in life, personally and financially.  I understood and used the invisible yet very tangible quality that gave me the power to succeed in my search for enlightenment and unity with God before I turned 30 years old. There is a beautiful teaching in the kabbalah which is also taught in the Upanishads by Ramakrishna, that I tested and proved by my own experience.

“One must experience all the things of the world, money, property, sex, and all enjoyments in order to be free. If you have not tasted, you will always be curious. That curiosity will eat away at your mind and soul and you will never find enlightenment. Eat and be satisfied, then your mind is free to go where you choose to take it because you will know the truth of each thing rather than stay living in your imagination”

The magic ingredient which I acquired and can easily teach to you is  a state of mind.  That state of mind is attained by understanding your ego personality mind and your essential Soul essence.

I have found a way to eliminating negative emotions, anger, stress and conflict. You know the funniest truth is that when you learn to laugh at yourself, you will never cease to be amused. This is one of my favorite sayings, as I am always laughing and finding the light in all situations. There is a great joy in being devoted to this great saying because when my students turn to me with their troubles of whatever they imagine to be bothering them, I show them the light in any situation and their darkness is immediately dispelled.

As you probably already know, the human mind (not the physical brain) is a very complex machine.  It cannot be understood by analysis or dissection, science has not even found it.  Nor can understanding one part of the mind automatically grant you understanding of its entirety.   The first step of gaining full control over your life, success and emotions is to understand the multitude of parts that make up your total being, part by part.

I keep my teachings very clear and logical, yet spiritual. They open a door to The All within your own heart, since after all, that is the true temple in which All dwells where you can meet The All face to face.

My work is like a simple jigsaw puzzle with each piece being a complete picture in itself. If you assemble all the little parts in sections and then put those sections together, eventually, you will see a much larger picture, a picture of God, the Universe, the entirety, and most importantly, your True Self, your Essence, your Soul.

Theoretical knowledge is good but not enough. I give you simple exercises in most of the lessons for you to test the principles yourself. I always say, “Please do NOT believe any word I tell you, just please to be trusting enough to test the exercise for yourself. I know who I am, now I will guide you to find out who YOU really are.”

One day a long time ago, a famous westerner  came to visit an ashram in India and started arguing with one of the Indian disciples. The Indian was so self assured and relaxed and confident, at one point the frustrated American angrily said; “Just who do you think you are?”  and the Indian replied, “Sir, we do not think who we are,  we know who we are!”

This freedom which I have and sincerely wish for all of you to gain is to be free from concern of what other people think or say about you, free from ever feeling insulted.  With this freedom you can be a confident self-reliant person, and my teachings will give you that freedom very quickly.

It is not so easy to touch you on the forehead and make you enlightened and free just like that. Certainly I can do that, but first you must be ready. If you are ready, then you do not need me to touch you on the head to make you enlightened. What you do need is a guide who has walked the path and found the truth. Only this way can you be lead to find it yourself. I can be that guide.

Now we are in many parts of the world, so I can touch you through these pages and guide you to find the truth which leads to freedom even at this great distance.

Balance comes through accepting reality, and seeing objectively. This is what we teach here. How to see, how to hear and how to speak. These things are not so simple as you think they are. Many times you may think that you cannot speak or understand your very own language, judging by how you misunderstand people or you are misunderstood.

It takes time for the fruit to grow on the tree and be ripe enough to eat. Here we will help you ripen and blossom, but you must be persistent, visit our web site often and read the things I write, do the exercises which are very simple and you can do in a few minutes each day.

You will see, in the first few weeks, maybe not big changes, but in a few months, something is different, then in a year, you are living a life that is full of excitement and joys and Love.

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  1. Andy Sophocleous April 10, 2010 at 7:41 am #

    Thank you David for the help you are giving me. There is much work to do but I have experienced big changes in my emotions, confidence and clarity of thought.


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