Life is Nothing More Than a Reflection of Light

Law of Attraction – Mind Series

I was in my kitchen which has very large windows and is on the second floor over looking the driveway when all of a sudden the beige walls and ceiling all turned red. Everything in the room was red even the light in the room was red.

I wondered what happened and then saw that a red van had just pulled up in front of the house. With the bright sun shining on the roof of the van, the light reflected into the house and turned everything red!

We have all heard the expression that life is just a reflection of some greater source, but this experience made that very real. I actually experienced how my world can change so instantly by a different reflector as the creator of my environment.

That is an extremely profound discovery because extrapolating that to every event in our life, everything is merely a reflection of something else. We are never dealing with truth or reality, as much as we imagine we are. If it is so easy to turn the walls red, then how do I know if they are really the colour I think they are? Even if they are, in time they will fade or change with age.

The source is where things originate, which we rarely see, if ever. That reflects off of someone or some event, and we see the result.

The result is tinted by that which it reflects off of. For example, if someone has a bad day at work, the event or source is that they have made a mistake at work, or had their heart broken, someone has attacked them, which is a very painful emotional experience, and they reflect that experience to you with anger.

If someone greets or treats you with anger, that is a reflection of some event that was given to them. It is the same with success, if someone has a wonderful day, they will reflect that, as I did in my retail stores.

When my shop had a very profitable day, that reflected on me since I am the one who profits by the shop doing well, I gave 10% to my staff. The source of success, the shop, reflected off of the owner, me, and then reached the employees. But as you see, only ten percent of what came in was reflected onwards.

Reflections that we receive and of course emanate as well, are either multiplied or reduced, but always distorted in some way. Observe this natural phenomena, and prove it to yourself with the following small exercise.

Get some very reflective material, a blue or red colour metallic paper or gift wrap, put it on a cardboard so it is a solid flat surface. Get a flash light and go to a white or light coloured wall. Shine the flashlight on the wall and you will see the white colour light on the wall emanating directly from the source. Then, holding the coloured board at about 45 degrees to the wall, shine the light on the board and you will see the light reflected on the wall, but the reflected light will be the colour of the board.

Alternate the light from the board to the wall a few times until it sinks in that the very same light gives a totally different image based on what it reflects off of. Realise that every event, both in which you are receiving and also expressing your feelings, thoughts and emotions, is merely a distorted reflection of something that came before and is therefore not accurate or pure, then strive to find the original source.

When you find what you think is the original source, find the source of that. After all, we will never find the original source, the cause of all the other causes, until we can go back step by step to before the beginning of time.

It is enough to know that this is happening by doing these little exercises, as the opening of your mind will allow for a surprising amount of wisdom to soak into your life.

The light in the room is determined by the colour of the walls off which the pure light is reflected.

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