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When you go to the restaurant, you go with an empty stomach. They give you food, you give them money.

There is the emptiness, which is filled, and then what is given gets something in return, money for food.

When a child is born, it is empty and helpless. The parents give it food, shelter, and as it grows up, education along with the necessities of life. The expectation is that when the child is an adult, it will give back to the parent.   What is given is given with the expectation to get something back.

HOWEVER, we must look further into the beginning of the child.

When you invite a guest to your home for dinner, you invite, the guest comes with an empty stomach,  you provide the meal, BUT since you invited, you do NOT get anything back, nor do you expect anything in return, since you initiated the invitation. The invitation is not a business transaction.

No child is born of their own volition.  The child is always invited by the parent.
Therefore the child is a guest and the parent is the host who is obliged to provide WITHOUT expecting anything in return. The child should never be obligated to return anything as it has been invited to the home of the parents. For the entire life of the child, it should have NO obligation to the parent.

The obligation is like religion, a concept created by people who want to control people, therefore it is without substance and is false, due to the nature of it being created by mortal beings.

Living under this unjustly created obligation in a world that is very much based on living for your life and future, it is inevitable that we will be in some way distorted with low self-worth, subconscious feelings of inadequacy, or a ghost of negative thoughts hiding in wait. Basically, we can never be free if we feel obliged under a debt that we are told can never be repaid.

If parents give truly without expectations, and give purely and well, then I can see how a child would want to give back all they could.  But that purity of heart is so rare, that there is always some touch of questioning in our life. It is a matter of living in truth and reality, or in the illusion of true intentions.

If you raise a child to know that they are not obliged to the parent in any way, yet are obliged to everyone else who gives them something in the balance of business, that child will grow up to be a balanced, emotionally free person.

This talk is for both people who want to be parents, and for all people alive, since we are all children of someone. A suitable parent is a person who wants nothing more than to have someone to give to for the sake of the joy of giving, and should never ask for anything in return. May this little thought help give you some freedom from created obligations that limit your life and future.

Now that we have touched on this subject at the foundation of humanity, for those of you who are interested in being better human beings, apply this principle to your life.

In your relationship, in your work, to your employees, to your clients, and when you are the client or recipient of something, anything, are you giving back for what you get? Do you give with expectations of return? Do you owe any debts? Are there any debts you are counting on collecting that you deserve, or do not deserve.

Make a realistic balance of accounts, pay up all your debts, remove from your balance sheet and release any debts that you think you have coming to you or you owe that are not valid, and do not give with the intention of getting back to people who will not give back to avoid disappointment and that hanging debt that will never go away.

The principle goes both ways, do not expect something for nothing, and make sure you pay your debts.

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