The Gift Of The Translucent Eyes

The beautiful eyes, the divine gift to the person who opens their heart.

The clear eyes, translucent, lit from inside. Looking into those eyes is looking into infinite space without end.

The beautiful light, a light that is divine, that shines bright yet does not emanate from a single source. It is a light that is the universe, that is eternity itself, a light that enlivens all things.

The beautiful eyes which the beautiful light illumines, we all long to see, to gaze into. Why are these eyes so captivating that all thoughts slip away and the mind becomes blank? Where does this light come from? How do those eyes become so clear? By the love of the one they are looking at.

And the light shines in both hearts, obliterating all thoughts of self and separation. Letting yourself fall into the endless eternity of the beautiful light, through those eyes, your heart is filled with more light, and all there is is feeling, unity and oneness. This is real love.

We fall in love when we find those eyes in the one our heart fully opens to. Love that does not see the person, does not know even yourself. Love that is not personal of you and me, but is simply pure love beyond person and body.

These eyes admire and inspire the one they shine for. The heart glows with the same feelings. The gift these eyes bestow are both the reward and the confirmation, you have opened your heart, let go and all thought has stopped, separation has ended.

When you find these eyes, that you inspire and engulf your mind and heart, if you keep your heart pure, without possession or fear, this one person and everything in the universe, even yourself, will kindle the light to shine through your eyes as well. Then you will know what Love really is and feel it perpetually.

Are the eyes a gift, or a reward?

Why do we long to be with one we love, because of how they make us feel. That feeling releases all tensions and we breath fully and relaxed. Life is breath and love lets us breath. Let yourself fall into those eyes and enter a different universe, leaving all your possessions, even your ego behind, and without those binds, breath freely.

If this feeling eludes you, reconsider the priority you place on mind and character versus physical appearance.

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