The Secret And The Law Of Attraction

There is a lot of talk about The Secret and the Law of Attraction. The basis of these now very popular programs is valid, however we can be certain that if these programs were effective on a larger percentage there would be a lot more rich and successful people out there.

This brings up the question of why these good philosophies are not widely effective.

Since my success has been built on the source of these programs, I would like to discuss this topic and introduce a method by which I have succeeded and hope will make the current programs out there far more effective. If you have already read books and taken courses or watched DVD’s but have not achieved the success they claim to offer, you are not alone. Most people are in your same position. If you have achieved some level of success, that is great, but it could be yet better.

This article is about the reason why you have achieved little success and provides the solution. Very soon, I hope you will be able to make use of your knowledge rather than it just taking up space in your mind.

The law of attractions is a universal law that is a foundation stone to all mystical teachings going back to the oldest. Yes, in fact this is a mystical teaching and has been applied to material or personal goals as well. The Hermetica which predates Judaism, as well as Christianity, Sufi, Zen, Buddhism, and virtually any other religious, mystical or new age philosophy all stress the obvious. Your thoughts will attract their material equivalent.

If you are negative and depressed saying to yourself that no one likes you, then in fact, people will not like your company. If you are happy and positive, more people will be attracted to you. It is that simple. Success and failure are the same. There is a reason that rich people like to have rich friends, success associates with success and then breeds success just as failure and the lower levels breed more of the same.

If you think success, you will have success

If you think failure, you will have failure. And now you will say that you think of success but get failure, and so you do not agree that this is a valid law. That is a good point, but I have an answer for you. The answer is that you only think you know what you are thinking.

Your true thoughts are the basis for the results of your life. You may desire or dream of lots of money, but a part of you has a repulsion to rich people who have been stereotyped into being arrogant for example. Or, you may want money but are not willing to put in the necessary effort or sacrifices to get it. There are many hidden thoughts that are not really that hidden if you look for your underlying beliefs. It does you no benefit to repeat positive words if you have negative thoughts in your heart and mind.

We have established that your real thoughts will bring their material results into your life. The reason most people would not like to accept this is because of how hard it is to control your thoughts. And that is what I am focusing on, a method to help focus your thoughts to a positive direction at all times.

You can be alone or you can be with other people. If you are with other people, your thoughts will tend to follow the direction of the other people, or at least be effected by that. It is normal that the conversation will direct your thoughts. To say you disagree with a topic is still thinking about the topic. Agreement or disagreement is irrelevant, you will be thinking of the subject at hand.

If you are alone, human nature seems to tend to the negative. This is normal because we are social creatures and left alone too long, we will fall to imagining of what may be the cause of our not having many friends. Of course I am not speaking of having a couple of hours of peaceful free time, or even a few days. I am speaking of longer periods without social contact.

Keep Positive Thoughts

The main point of success in a world in which your thoughts are the determination of your life is that you must do everything in your power to keep your thoughts positive and focused.

The scientific facts are that the more people who group together with a common goal, the more power they have. This was best proven by MK Gandhi and 200 million Indians who without weapons defeated the British empire, a very well armed and trained fighting force, to gain independence for India.

Now we should all agree that our thoughts are the foundation of the events of our life. And that it is difficult if not impossible to keep our thoughts positive at all times on our own.

These two principles are the reason that the vast majority of people who read the books and watch the movies only get a temporary high which soon becomes another item on the shelf collecting dust or a conversation piece.

The solution to this problem has been delivered in The LawOfAttractionForum

This forum is designed to give guiding practices to help the members focus their minds on a particular exercise which helps develop focus and a better awareness of their mind and thoughts. With the guiding exercise and the forum being moderated by an experienced success in the use of these principles, each member can effectively be part of the master mind group of unified minds.

This is what we all need, a mastermind group that will help us stay focused on a positive minded goal to supplement and enhance our success towards our own personal goals.

The more people who are focused on one thought, the more pure power is available to each member. The moderation of a mastermind group in todays world is not the same as the days when everyone would work towards the success of one company. Today, people are far more self centered. By tying the members of a group together with a common thread, meaning an exercise or thought, then a power will be available to help each member keep their minds positive and focused on their personal goals.

An analogy would be a car and gas

You may have a car, but without gasoline, you are not going anywhere. And to make gasoline, you need someone who has done it before so you do not blow up when you are refining the oil.

The vehicle is there, that is your goal and plan. The fuel is needed, that is the mastermind group which by combining many minds has the potential to create a large power. The experience is needed to guide the group in a way that they all stay focused in one direction so the potential power builds and then can be accessed by each member.

The provides the necessary two components to help you achieve your goal through the internet that has never been available in the ancient times or even in the 1930’s when Mr. Hill wrote Think and Grow Rich.

We now have an opportunity to activate the catalyst, and that is what every explosion of power needs, a catalyst. A small spark will ignite a giant rocket. All the books and courses are like a rocket full of fuel with no spark.

The intense emotion that is required, the ‘white heat of desire’ comes with union to other people who are harmonized with the same thought vibrations. You must have the emotional ‘rocket fuel’ in order to reach escape velocity and leave your mundane life to fly free of limitations.

Choose your REAL goal, make your plan and be willing to do anything that it takes to get it. Then build or join a mastermind group and filter out any negative people so that you only have positive people in your group.
Join together, become a true unified group in harmony, and allow your joint efforts build the emotional fuel and energy that it takes for the Universal powers to enter your life.

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3 Responses to The Secret And The Law Of Attraction

  1. saul June 19, 2009 at 6:00 am #

    Thank You!

  2. Amy-t January 24, 2013 at 1:13 am #

    Hi David, i read this article again today, and also your words about why we need to practise the law of attraction,”The point of this big difference is that it shows the reality that every possibility is present at all times, and it is up to us to see it so that way, we are not subject to having to wait for things to come or happen. ”
    and also”Because if not, then your mind will automatically drift to negative thoughts, which is the way humans like it to be,”
    it is truely so , when i stopped the practice , then my minds and emotion go back to negative and depression very easily, then i need to pick up positive thoughts and use the visulization which can make me on the right emotion again…..
    but today another friend discussed with me the same topic and the law of Tao,in Tao and ancient chinese yi Jin, there is a rule of the universe, when everything goes to an extreme end , it will return….for example, if the society goes to extreme evil and negative, it will start to go to the opposite(righteous and positive)….Then if so, negative seems to be a process in the universe , positive is also a process, both r in the same river.
    But i feel nobody can wait the rule of universe to work, when we r in negative we feel painful, we try hard to change the situation. I tried many ways already….although the progress is still slow.
    and not easy to conquer the original flow which i got from my birth….I feel it a mystery.

    • David Samuel January 24, 2013 at 5:27 am #

      The first thing is that in terms of the Tao, the time frame could be a generation, it is talking about the world and society, so some cycle could be hundreds or thousands of years, or ti could be only a few years, but usually much longer.
      Yes, negative is a natural process, but we have to also remember that postive and negative are terms we relate to if we get what we want or do not get what we want, and the universe does not have any other ‘want’ than progress.
      if you have an old house, you have to tear it down to build a new one. so it it negative to tear down the old house? only if you are attached to it, but if you only want progress and growth and renewal of things, then death and other ‘negative’ things are actually positive.
      So this means that in the sense of the Tao and universe, there is no negative, because what happens is always for growth and progress.
      So this then tells us that negative things are all in our mind creating stress and pain because we are refusing to move forward with nature. instead we want to hang on to the past or to a dream that the time is just not right. but if we just accept things as they are in this moment, then everything is positive.
      If you want to end all pain in your life, then accept this…pain is caused by a resistance to the current situation. If you accept things as they are in the moment, you will never feel pain because you will not be resisting reality.
      Only when you have accepted this and can deal and accept reality in the moment, do you have the ability to change it because you will be in a positive state of mind and heart, which has the power to create and invent and change.
      The reason people do not accept this is because it is backwards. In order to change things, we have to accept them as they are.

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