What Is Mental Fragmentation

The fragmentation of the many I’s that are part of us are to our mind the same as parasites are to our body. If you looked at one eyelash with a very high powered microscope, you would find that there are literally millions of little creatures that reside on each hair, as well as all over your body. Even though you think you are only one physical being, you are actually millions, or rather, a host to countless numbers of other little beings.

As our body is host to uncountable living creatures who feed off of our body, and will eventually destroy it if they where to invade the wrong organ, all without our knowing that these beings live there, so it is with the many I’s living off of the Central I, the essence of our personality.

If you do not know that you have a worm living in your intestines, it can destroy you. But if you know it is there, you will take measures to rid yourself of it. So it is with the many I’s. They will destroy our being by making our life such a turmoil that we waste our energy to the point of total depletion and self-destructive behaviour. However, if we can recognise them, and then take action to unify our being, we will be able to live a full, balanced and healthy life.

It is important not to hate them because hate against yourself is very destructive. They are living beings, just like the little creatures that live on your body who eat the dead cells, and so they are just trying to survive and continue their existence oblivious to the fact that their survival effects the life of their host. You eat other creatures and beings to survive, it is just a law of nature that things are this way, there is nothing personal or sinister about how our mind is fragmented, this is just how it is.

In the case of the I’s, their elimination is not really elimination, it is merely joining the drop back with the ocean.

Simply put, inner conflict, not being able to make a simple decision, is the result of two fragments arguing with each other. They do not all like the same things, and hence, you cannot decide. Another destructive effect is when you make a promise with great sincerity, and when the times comes, are dumbfounded as to why you had originally agreed.

All of this so called normal human behaviour is not normal, it is a malfunction of the way our mind works. It is the result of letting fragments of your personality rule and twist your mind here and there, instead of having developed a sense of awareness to keep the children in order.

Just because you cannot see them, does not mean they aren’t there.

Every event creates a fragment and a memory of the event.
A fragment is linked to the memory.
The fragments are like dots that surround the events in your past.
Those dots form a circle like the rings of Saturn, trapping the empty space in the middle which keeps that memory strong and alive.
Eliminating those dots breaks up the solid wall which makes it possible for you to see through to the truth that your fear or anger is just about memories in the past and not about the present moment.

The more you can see through this distractive wall of fragmented memories which are projecting into the future, the more you can see all things objectively and clearly, as they are in the present moment.

The more you develop this clear sighted ability, you will not look at the circle of dots but will look beyond the memory and see the present moment.

The mistake in our development is we reach a level of awareness that we can look through the dots and forget to see the remaining ones. Because of this, we do not eliminate the rest of them and thus remain stuck in our fears and patterns. Even if this happens less than before, we still remain stuck in old patterns.

Keep the awareness on the remaining dots that form the wall which surrounds the empty space of your memories and eliminate every fragment which tricks you into thinking the event will be repeated every time the memory pops up. See the memory as a fragment of your past and eliminate it from the circle as you would any left over rubble cluttering your newly built home.

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  1. Theron Compton January 17, 2012 at 8:44 pm #

    Yes, I am beginning to see some of my fragments through strengthened and more aware observer self. This morning when I picked up the garden hose the dog who lives at the house I am living got scared and ran away. Obviously the hose in the hands of a human had been an experience of pain, thus the automatic reaction since I have never hit the dog. He likes me and has no cause to be afraid of me. I, too, am becoming more conscious of my automatic fear reactions based past traumatic childhood experiences. I am becoming aware through re visiting life experiences as an adult and as a child how my motivation, confused thinking of my fragmented mind use the phony negative based self deception belief systems to make sense of why I become frustrated and reactive in my inability to cope with the reality of normal events and interactions with the people in my daily life. I am starting to see the “hoses” in my life are only left over phantoms I perceive as threatening when the reality is that the perceived hose threats are the automatic reactive emotional response programmed into my operating system by a past painful event.

    I spent years trying to fix my fragmented mind with a fragmented mind and ego instead of living, using. focusing and strengthening the higher observer mind.
    It is so simple yet it appears most of us are not willing to or do not have enough courage to challenge our facades propped up with ego or brain altering chemicals and narcissistic beliefs coping with automatic emotional reactions and neurotic thinking creating the chaos our daily lives. With my new awareness I am learning to no longer need to protect my ego or BS self esteem.

    Muchas Gracias again for pointing the way back to the path of impeccability.


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