The Mind Sponge

The mistake people make when going to workshops and courses is that they think they can learn something, but normally people find that they forget what they learnt very quickly.

The problem is in the analogy of being a sponge to water. The water is information and you are the sponge. But we do not realize is that we are not the same sponge as we were as a child. Your sponge mind has turned into a rock and the water just rolls off.

You must spend every moment of every day turning your mind into a super absorbent sponge and then you will learn something and retain the knowledge, and only then might you transform yourself into the person you want to be.

Everyone wants to learn new skills and tricks and tools, but they have not developed an absorbent sponge of a mind. Rather, the sponge material is already too saturated with other liquids and dirt over the years, meaning preformed fixed opinions and set attitudes, a result of the ego personality and identity you were formed into being.

You have to wring out the sponge to get rid of the old stale and stagnant stinky water before you can absorb new fresh clean water.

If you have ever washed cloths by hand and rung them out, you will know how painful it can be on your hands. Imagine how the clothes felt. That is why people resist the wringing out of the old thoughts from the sponge of their mind, because of the pain involved in letting go of all that you imagine yourself to be.

Unless you are willing to undergo that often painful experience, you will never be able to absorb any new fresh, exhilarating and transforming information.

Everyone keeps asking to be taught new things and more information when in fact they should be learning how to make the sponge more absorbent, learning how to learn.

Basically the bottom line is you need to learn how to learn before you can actually learn anything.

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